BMW iX3 Will Herald In Automaker’s 5th Generation EV Powertrain

MAR 16 2018 BY MARK KANE 17

The upcoming all-electric BMW X3, named iX3 and scheduled for 2020, probably will be the first with BMW’s new 5th generation electric powertrain.

It’s expected that new iX3 will not look much different than the conventional X3 version. The nose probably will be grill-less and the name will begin with “i,” just like all of the new BEVs from BMW.

“The BMW Group’s latest stance on EV design is to be more discreet; Mini brand boss Sebastian Mackensen told Autocar recently that the marque “doesn’t need to make a big statement” about EVs.”

The iX3 also probably will be the first al-electric BMW with two motors – one per axle for all-wheel drive.

All-electric range of the new X3 probably will likely be up to few hundred kilometers, as that would be required to stay competitive.

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The other new BEVs from BMW Group that were confirmed are the i4 and, of course, the electric MINI.

Source: Autocar

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I am glad to see BMW (planning on) fielding a true model Y and ICE CUV competitor. The iX3 / model Y battle ought to be interesting. Now we just need someone to field a mass market (RAV4/CRV sized *and* priced) BEV CUV since this is a white hot vehicle segment.

They are coming, my suspicion is the new GM BEV CUV coming this fall will be exactly that. Hopefully they offer AWD.

What about the Hyundai Kon for that ?

The Kona EV is smaller than a RAV4, and is not offering AWD.

I hope they keep the incremental improvements to the i3 going, like the i3 Sport. They’ve already built the factory, they might as well milk this design for all it can deliver.

And as it’s an efficiency leader it would be good to see what they can do to keep it in it’s Leadership Position.
It really is a great city/country/suburban car.


If the rumours are true, the i3 will get its batteries updated again this fall. If that’s the case, i will definitely seriously consider to buy one, i really love the i3. Test drove it once in 2015 and i got hooked, it’s still haunting me:-)

i3 is to expensive for BMW to continue making it.

I’d expect it to be dropped sometime in the near future.

From article: “The upcoming all-electric BMW X3, named iX3 and scheduled for 2020”

Will be interesting to see on the 2021 INSIDEEV ScoreCard which will have higher sales: BMW iX3 or Tesla Model Y. My guess is that BMW will enter into production in 2020 before Tesla but Tesla will in 2021 outsell (meaning cars delivered) BMW by ~2X.

We’ll see their pricing strategy.
If they price it to be the Premium Vehicle in the lineup, or to actually compete and replace the ICE lineup?

IF they go with Premium pricing, Tesla will sell more.

I looked at the X3 on AutoTrader. It looks like the X3 went through a major refresh in 2018 so I don’t expect to see a lot of difference between the X3 and the iX3. The price of new X3s varies wildly, from $37k to $68k depending on options and location, I wonder if the iX3 will be optioned up so much its’ price varies as wildly.

Yup, the new X3 has been completely modernized with a well finished interior. Pretty nice design.

Is that in US or world wide? In 2020, model 3 will still be ramping up outside the US. I don’t expect model Y available outside of US.

@Magnus H said: “Is that in US or world wide?

Both… although I have higher confidence for my prediction for US only.

I think both the BMW iX3 & Tesla Model Y will sell well which is a good thing although Tesla will likely in 2021 still have the Tesla Supercharging Network advantage for those occasional long distance trips.

I doubt Model Y will be available by 2021.

Thats if tesla is still in automotive businesses in 2021

With all the new BEV SUVs hitting the market in the next two years and with Electrify America crisscrossing the country with non-Tesla ultra fast DCFC chargers by next summer, it looks like the EV market is finally coming together. I don’t expect much from 2018 but in 2019 and 2020 we might start seeing the steeper part of the EV sales S-Curve. I just hope all these new choices spur the EV demand we think they will and the EV market continues to grow exponentially.

I have to say that I never really considered buying a BMW (other than the i3), an Audi or a Jaguar but now I’m seriously looking at their new BEV SUV offerings. I”ll probably end up buying a Ford or a Chevy if they come out with something comparable but it’s nice to have choices. But still, exciting cars and exciting times.

The challenge will be to make it price competitive with their own X3 with ICE engines. If they can manage that, it will sell like crazy, because they will be able to tap into the biggest sector of buyers. That’s current ICE owners, who make up high 90% of all car buyers.

Making us enthusiasts happy won’t be the point anymore in 2021. 2021 is well past the enthusiast window. Success will be based upon converting ICE buyers, not battling with Tesla over selling to folks like us. Using their current popular X3 body is a step in the right direction for appealing to current ICE owners.