BMW Isetta Reborns In Geneva As Sweet Looking Microlino (w/videos)

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Microlino - test prototype and concept

Microlino – test prototype and concept

Microlino concept

Microlino concept

Isetta is an Italian-designed microcar, which under BMW has become a big hit in the post-war Europe. Some even wonders whether the BMW i3 is modern BMW Isetta?

Wonder no more – Isetta could be reborn as the Microlino thanks to Swiss company Micro Mobility Systems.

The Microlino concept has just been unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, but it’s now officially in the L7e category (Quadricycle).

“This is not a car!”

It’s all electric, and according to the company specs, the Microlino can travel up to 100 km/h (62 mph), with a total electric range of 100-120 km (62-75 miles) on a single charge.

Initially, a 500 unit run is planned and apparently the company has a few hundreds reservations in its pocket already.  The small production is expected at the end of 2017.

“A first small serial production is planed for the end of 2017. If you can’t wait to get your own, make sure to reserve one on our webpage.”

“We are still in development of the car and a lot of things have to be checked before the first serial production. But our plan is to start production around 2018.”

The price of the Microlino is estimated between €8,000 – 12,000 (so lets assume €10,000). It’s not small amount, but there could be market for small iconic EVs of that type.

“It’s not a car! It’s a scooter with a roof and therefore belongs to the L7e category like the Renault Twizy but with windows and sitting next instead of behind each other. The L7e category (Quadricycle) uses a normal motorbike number plate and benefits from lower taxes.”

“The microlino belongs to the vehicle category L7e so that means by law it doesn`t have to pass any crash tests. But still we  have made a crash simulation with 50 km/h and passed it. For the future  our goal is to make the microlino as safe as possible.”

Microlino concept

Microlino concept – This is not a car!

Microlino concept

Microlino concept

Microlino concept

Microlino concept

Microlino concept

Microlino concept

Microlino – The future is simple – From idea to reality #1

First steps to the new urban mobility vehicle – the Microlino.
The process behind the development of the new city car with its modern design based on the iconic Isetta from 1955. From old to new, Isetta to Microlino!

Rebuild of the Isetta oldtimer and conversion to electric drive for testing purposes.

Microlino – Change urban mobility – Lifestyle and Prototype #2

Lifestyle shots with the electrified Isetta and production of the first Microlino prototype.

Microlino conncept at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show

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17 responses to "BMW Isetta Reborns In Geneva As Sweet Looking Microlino (w/videos)"

  1. SparkEV says:

    LOL! Steve Urkel’s EV!

    1. evcarnut says:

      When The Mailman leaves it in the mailbox…, …Is there assembly required & are Batteries Not included?? L M A 0 ….

  2. Texas FFE says:

    I don’t this is for me but I do see it being successful as a ride share or entry level urban commuter. The top speed is way too slow for American highways but I can see it being used on intracity roads and in countries with a less developed highway system.

    The key will be price. If BMW puts a premium price tag on this thing then it doesn’t have a chance. If BMW tries to keep production cost down and sell at a reasonable price then this could end up as a runaway success.

    1. JustWilliamPDX says:

      This isn’t a BMW prototype, nor would it be sold by BMW, so they won’t have anything to do with it’s price positioning.

  3. jerryd says:

    The originals came to the US were given for free when you bought a 59 or 60 Cadillac as part of the Marshall Plan.
    There are 200k 30mph NEV’s in Fla that cost $8k-12k so a faster one that wasn’t restricted to 30mph roads would do real well here.
    I was going to say But they can’t be sold here, but that isn’t true anymore.
    One can build 325 old looking cars/yr without massive regulations.

    1. RIMSPOKE says:




  4. If Pee Wee Herman ever passed a kidney stone at least now we can give a name as to what it would resemble.

    I love electric cars and think vehicles of this size will play a huge role in future city transport. But please designers! This is not aspirational – it’s a Clown Car. It’s the vehicular equivalent of wearing socks with sandals. It’s almost as if it was invented for people like Jeremy Clarkson to mock.

  5. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

    “This is not a car!”

    Hmmm, I’d think they would be doing all they could to convince us this really is a car. 😉

  6. Phil - Australia says:

    The side mirrors should be part of the rear of the headlight pod

    1. Anon says:

      That’s a cool idea. Very pragmatic. 🙂

  7. Aaron says:

    So, it’s kinda like an European version of the Japanese “kei” cars. Lower insurance, tiny foot print, etc.

  8. Reddy says:

    This would be perfect for much of my in-town commuting. WA State doesn’t charge the $150/yr EV tax on NEV’s, allows them speeds up to 35 mph, but restricts them to roadways <45 mph. Would I switch my 2011 Leaf to save $150/yr? Hmmmm, probably not, but still I might have purchased this instead if it were available in 2011. Pre-heating? Charge timers?

  9. Anon says:

    European Bubble Cars are fun. I like the historical nod to the originals in this prototype. It’s a clean and modern update to a very old class of city car. Nicely done. 🙂

    There are certainly places in cities where this would be perfect. Certainly no worse than a GEM car or golf cart.

  10. Ahldor says:

    Ima get me one of those and pick up the ladies. But first I need to get a drivers license.

  11. Dave says:

    I do prefer the looks of the ElectraMeccanica Solo.

    and should arrive earlier.

  12. Andrew says:

    Looks like an inviting deathtrap to me. Can’t even buy groceries with this.

  13. john jensen says:

    No dipstick, no oil, no spark plug …hm-m-m. Just drive it, I guess.

    I wonder if it charges the battery going downhill?

    Our two dogs would love sitting beside the driver and looking out the window.


    john jensen
    (aging former Isetta owner)