BMW Is All Show…No Go – CES 2016


BMW i Vision Future Interaction Car

BMW i Vision Future Interaction Car

We had expected BMW to announce that the i8 Spyder/Convertible was headed for production at CES 2016, but instead of that announcement, BMW unveiled a whole slew of technological innovations.

Though cool, these innovations aren’t nearly as exciting as the entry of a new plug-in on the market, so in that way, BMW’s announcement was a rather big let down.

However, BMW did show a new concept i8 called the BMW i Vision Future Interaction Car, but again there’s no mention of production intent. The car is simply to showcase the technologies and innovations presented by BMW.

BMW i Vision Future Interaction Car

BMW i Vision Future Interaction Car

BMW i Vision Future Interaction Car

BMW i Vision Future Interaction Car

Below is BMW’s list of innovations.  It’s a long list. You’ll find some additional details on each of the innovations here at BMWBLOG.

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What is happening with the i5???

No doors, and a glass hood?

Shouldn’t they have waited until April 1 to release this digital “concept” painting? 😉

I like where they are going with the bumper alert and roof camera. Cars will become a lot more efficient once we can lose the outside mirrors extending out into the airstream, which hopefully they will push forward towards to like Tesla tries. I bet tesla has its model 3 in both designs and just is waiting for the legislature to allow it to increase the range.

The problem is front attack, they try to fight a law head on instead of twisting around it. If the law is there it is to make sure that at all times you have a tool that allow you to see what is behind your vehicle. In other words you must have it on the vehicle ready to serve but perhaps it is not stated that it must be used by the driver. That means that, for instance they can be on the vehicle ready to serve but placed in a generally folded position with a camera actually making the job most of the time. Folded mirrors could be made in a way that they almost don’t produce drag. This would either be a directly legal solution or, if not, it would be a much more likely acceptable solution to legislators since it would be less a change than having no mirrors at all. That’s the difference between head on and twisting around. The result would be almost the same of what they try to get, no mirrors, but this is easier and would actually be better since you would indeed have reserve mirrors in case of camera failure.

I remember a time when you had to PAY for a passenger’s side mirror…