BMW Not Interested In Racing In Formula E

JUN 3 2015 BY MARK KANE 13

BMW i8 Formula E Safety Car

BMW i8 Formula E Safety Car

Despite involvement in the FIA Formula E Championship, BMW is in no hurry to join the grid as a constructor or factory team.

From the start, BMW supported Formula E with i3 and i8 safety cars, but the current race format does not suit the brand’s strategy.

Maybe BMW will join in when range increases to the point at which the race cars drive for more than 20 minutes before depleting batteries.

BMW’s Motorsport Director Jens Marquardt said:

“We are represented with BMW factory driver Antonio Felix da Costa and the course cars, but I have to admit that the series isn’t ideal for us to compete in. The reason is that changing cars after twenty minutes of racing because of a flat battery doesn’t reflect the endurance of our vehicles. Therefore it’s important that the series develops, which already has been structured in a roadmap. We are following it closely.”


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Good, maybe they will use that energy to give their i series cars more AER!

That Is Solid Proof That Their EV’s Are Just A Phony Façade….They’re Not Truly Interested In Developing & Designing Real World EV’S . They’re Throwing In a few Dribs & drabs Here & There, To Fool The Masses.. Their Genuine Agenda Is To Build Oil Burners & Keep Their “TIGHT BOND” With Big Oil!……..

Good call by BMW. The race cars have little to do with production cars.

Actually, Formula E is most Tesla’esque. It’s all battery, with car swapping. The next closest formula doesn’t even allow a charged battery to show up.

Racing has a formula problem, right now. It’s like the gap between Tesla’s smallest 70kwh battery and sub-40kwh offerings of all the other makers, only worse. In F1, you get to show up with about ~2kwh of empty electric storage, charged only by the KERS (braking). A formula specifying 10-30kwh, where batteries could show up full, and be charged in the pits, would be a completely different story. Much more suited to production.

All Innovations are derived mostly From Race Car technology, Which Later is applied To Production cars , To make them Better In all Aspects…IE: Handling , Acceleration, Engine technology, Transmissions, Axles , Transaxles, Braking, Chassis , Especially “SAFETY” Efficiency & So On…..DUUU

the reason why electric car racing is so crazy is for the very reason that BMW wants no part of it: electric car racing will expose the limitations of electric cars in a way that is unflattering. the main limitations are lack of energy density (versus gasoline) which is the reason why you can only run them for 20 minutes. imagine how such “racing” would look to the non-EV enthusiast – they see a car that’s got to stop every 20 minutes and they’re going to think that they want no part of electric vehicles!

I always thought they should have come up with a quick battery swap. If gas race cars pull over and do a quick fill of the gas tank and tire swaps, why can’t electric cars do a quick battery swap?

i suppose that you’re suggesting that each pit crew would have a battery swap station and a bank of batteries to swap. the Tesla swap stations are purpose built so to do this on a track would, i imagine, involve hoisting the car up to replace the battery at each pit stop (which i suppose would make it easier to swap the tires).

i’m not sure what the fascination with electric vehicle racing would be to those who are not EV enthusiasts. a formula 1 car will do laps at average speeds approaching 250 mph; it seems to me that electric vehicles would be racing at half that speed, so unless you cut the race distance in half, you’d end up with twice as many pit stops as you would have in formula 1 racing.

BMW (Break My Wallet) Is Only Interested In Building “HALF BAKED” HALF A**ED EV’s Just To Say They Build One Too…………

Yea , The Leaf is 100 times the car ,The i3 is…..@ half the Price!

I think its too easy directing the flak at BMW – at least they have a presence… where is TESLA, KIA, GM, VW – NISSAN for that matter?? though some might argue they are represented through Renault..

Tesla does not allocate money for TV commercials much less racing. There is simply no money for this.

I have heard the CEO of Formula E say Tesla is the big get.It is potentially the Ferrari of Formula E.

Even though most can’t afford a Tesla there are many more Tesla fans than owners. And getting Tesla would attract many more eyeballs.And potentially anti-Tesla fans coming to see Tesla lose. Just like Ferrari and Formula 1.

Formula E is just in it’s infant stages. Give it time to mature and surely Tesla will have a place in it’s budget for racing. Seems every week there is a new video of a Tesla racing some performance car on the quarter mile.

Formula E is gravitating towards freedom for manufacturers to differentiate their approach from today’s homogeneous one.

One idea I hope they adopt is more than one driver for each team. One waiting in the pits on the tarmac, not an empty car in the garage with driver switch. It would be exciting to see driver #1 pull in, and driver #2 pull out for stage 2. Meanwhile, driver #1 is quick charging for stage 3.

Racing improves the breed, there is no doubt. Competition at that level will provide a ramp up in energy density and battery tech all-around. Good, good and good.