BMW To Install 500 Charging Points In China This Year

SEP 28 2015 BY MARK KANE 9

It's As Simple As Plugging It In

It’s As Simple As Plugging It In

500 charging points will be installed by BMW in China by the end of this year to address consumers’ needs.

Stations will primarily be installed in the major cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

According to Gasgoo, next year BMW intends to spread the project to other cities and install another 500 charging points.

“BMW announced the official implementation of “Charge Now”plan in September 7, which grant drivers of BMW and MINI EV models find the nearest charging station through BMW interconnected vehicle driving system or special APP and websites of “Charge Now.”

BMW offers in China i3, i8 and X540e plug-in hybrid, as well as exclusively in China the 530Le plug-in hybrid.

Source: Gasgoo

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Any plans from the manufacturers of EV’s with CCS to do the same in the US?
I consider a Bolt, but that won’t happen, if the charging infra structur isn’t here.

BMW could have built 40 superchargers for the price of their single Super Bowl i3 ad, which cost roughly ten million dollars. Whether they will do so is anyone’s guess. Charging stations shouldn’t really be built with manufacturer money unless they as proprietary, like Tesla’s; it’s not game theory optimal.

That is, if non-proprietary chargers are built with vendor funds, each vendor should contribute according to their use of the network. To do otherwise is a competitive disadvantage.

Below 100 kW it’s useless for upcoming cars.

That dude is not Chinese.

and that’s not China.

And that’s not a quick charger.

The article doesn’t actually say “quikc charger”. I wonder whether many of them might not be standard 240V (a.k.a. Level 1) chargers…

Looks like the corner of California and Sansome in San Fransisco. But i can’t be sure as i’m an east coaster.