BMW Innovation – Lighting and BMW i8 Laser Lights – Video

BMW i8 Laser Light


“Front- and taillights give every BMW model an unmistakable look. But furthermore the development of light means increasing driving safety. Have a closer look at the latest LED and laser light

BMW i8 Laser Light

BMW i8 Laser Light


Says BMW.

Lighting is actually an important area of focus for plug-in vehicles, especially BEVs.

Energy consumed for lighting requirements, though minor, still cuts into electric range.  It’s for this reason (and bragging rights, too) that BMW developed laser lights for the i8.

A world first, the i8’s laser lights will surely trickle down to other BMWs over time.  Eventually this sort of highly efficient lighting technology that illuminates further down the road will become common.

Check out this video to discover what goes into properly lighting the way for BMW drivers.

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Of course it is. A car with bitchin led lights makes it look awesome.

Just like the smart. A smart without the LED’s is just boring and basic. But when it has it it completely changes how it looks.

All cars should have awesome led lights all around.

I’m not convinced that this is much more than marketing stuff. Those laser lights have 170 lumen/watt while current available LEDs go up to 160 lumen/watt. R&D LEDs even achieves up to 300 lumen/watt. Additionally laser light are so compact, that they need extensive cooling and thus additional power.
Since BMW is actually tripling their light output for the i8 high beams to achieve a longer visibility range, the electric driving range will even go down.
However, it is an energy consumption that doesn’t really matter in that ballpark.


UV Laser Diode with glass coated with P. That is NOT “new” technology.

That is how pretty much Fluorescent light works with the exception of the Laser diode part. Or similar to CRT except the X-Ray wasn’t used.

Neat. I think the compact size and weight of the system is why it is choosen. Xeon Arc light can be just as bright. But it is heavier, larger and more expensive.

Oh great! Brighter and brighter lights!

How are these safer?
The driver of the car can see more in the dark, but those driving on the same road as a car with such lights gets blinded.

Whenever I come across such a car, I drive from memory until the damn thing has passed.

Agreed, David. I think the eventual solution is more distributed lighting. Instead of a pair of really bright light sources, headlights should perhaps be a band of modestly bright sources across the front of a car. The integrated light where these sources reach the road and reflect back would be as bright (or brighter) than the lights of today, but the effect on a human eye is much reduced as the light is spread more diffusely over a wider set of rods & cones.

Complete gimmick.
It’s not actually laser light, just a laser to excite the phosphor that then glows like an LED. And despite their bs claims it’s less efficient than Cree XML and requires a much larger physical system.
Laser diode made by Osram at 1.4Watt and as a laser itself is quite interesting, just not relevant for car lighting unless you are a marketing douche. And BMW is.

But to give them credit, the laser is generated by the Laser diode….

Sounds interesting. I quiet like the double range feature.