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OCT 12 2014 BY STAFF 26

BMW of North America will introduce a new campaign, BMW Innovations, which will highlight how the range of BMW vehicles share several key technology features with the visionary BMW i8, a plug-in hybrid high-performance vehicle. The BMW i8, with the “i” standing for innovation, exhibits futuristic design and groundbreaking technology built upon BMW’s storied history.

“Innovation is at the core of everything we do. Following in the lead of the BMW i8, which epitomizes innovation, we are elevating the technology across our entire range of BMW models, as highlighted in this national campaign,” said Trudy Hardy, Vice President, Marketing, BMW of North America.

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Beginning September 1, 2014, BMW will debut three new national television spots to further detail how the groundbreaking technological innovations within the BMW i8 transfer to the greater BMW family. All three spots feature the BMW i8, now on sale:

  • “Looking Forward” uses cinematography to illustrate that the BMW i8’s Full-Color Head-Up Display is also available in the BMW 3 Series. Full-Color Head-Up Display projects important driving information, including speed limit, and assistance systems displays, including current speed, navigation and collision warnings, into the driver’s field of view;
  • “Change” focuses on the impressive LED headlight technology as the BMW i8 dramatically transforms into the BMW 5 Series. It draws attention to Adaptive LED Headlights to provide brighter lighting and can turn in the direction the vehicle is traveling to provide optimal road illumination in every condition; and
  • “Eyes Everywhere” takes viewers on a cross-dimensional journey through the BMW i8’s iDrive screen to reveal Surround Camera System in the BMW X3. Surround View Camera System provides a 360° panorama view around the vehicle, which assists drivers while parking, maneuvering in tight situations or when navigating in areas with limited visibility.

In dealerships nationwide, customers will be encouraged to engage in a ‘tech drive,’ which allows them to experience the cutting-edge innovations in BMW vehicles first-hand. This integrated campaign also includes digital media and social media programs, designed to increase awareness of the technologies present in the BMW i8 and throughout the BMW family of vehicles.

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The 3.2s from the Tesla makes this i8 look like a push bike!

Actually the i8 has been solidly in the high 3 second range in several publications. And you have to remember the Tesla is about 1500lbs heavier, can’t carve the canyons like the i8. And wouldn’t be able to keep up with the i8 on the autobahn for very long.

With Dual motor it will beat the i8 under any condition. And as you say it is in the HIGH end of three point something. While the Tesla is on the other side of the scale.

The iSeries: 10 Years Ahead of It’s Time.
( Except for Tesla. )

Why? I’m more impressed by the technology in the i3. The CFRP and the REx are interesting. The zero AER range i8 with the 3-banger . . . meh. It is a nice LOOKING car but other than that. Meh.

How is something that burns gas, stinks and makes noise 10 years ahead of anything but horses.
Here’s 10 years ahead of time:
No maintanence
No awful car dealer experience
No gas station visits
No impossible to understand instrument panels that look like mid century rocket ship cockpits.

No four doors
No seating for 5
No comfort getting in and out of it
No not cheap
No many things!

The worst thing that has happened to this website since it’s inception is that it’s become a “rah rah” site for certain manufacturers ( namely BMW ) to spout nearly word-for-word their promotions on their very questionable EV “I” program. Seen here is a take from – a pure fan site where objectivity is thrown out the window to purely promote the brand. I’d like to take a poll as to whom here things “halo” marketing is valid. It’s advertising’s form of Reaganomics, or “trickle-down” advertising. Here BMW copies what Lexus did with the LFA a couple years back. If you remember, only 500 LFA’s were ever sold worldwide, 200 or so in the USA to very, very wealthy buyers. Each LFA, at $375,000-450,000 cost more than the average upper-middle class family home in America. Lexus’ ad campaign was a flop. They paraded the LFA supercar around in front of their regular consumer products and expected all to go- “wow-if they can make that unattainable car, I should run out and buy one of their cars I can afford because there MUST be some trickle down tech that will benefit me! I’ve been watching these BMW ads shown during… Read more »


If GM, Ford, Daimler – basically anyone, put money and effort into a marketing campaign and produced professional-grade spots for their EVs, you will find them here. BMW is doing so – so you find them here.

We do not, nor will we ever, selectively choose EV news based on our opinion on the validity of a particular EV, or the motives of the OEM producing it. Like yourself, people can form their own opinions and are free to do so; they certainly don’t want us censoring what they do (and do not) see.

In the same manner, will we not make an effort to disparage a vehicle, or call into question its sales every time that vehicle is the focus of a story, especially when to do so in a particular case (such as this one) would clearly be out of context and unrelated.

I stand by my remarks. So far, folks here who stand to say i8 is significant, haven’t dispelled my point that it is unobtainium. A halo in which, they show you pictures, then thrust an internally-combusted BMW in your face, and tell you that you benefit from i8 when you buy their traditional stuff.

Again – Mike, i8 nor i3 is “made of carbon fiber”. Do your homework. CFRP is not “carbon fiber”. It’s injection-molded plastic with a layer of carbon fiber glued onto the top and bottom.

@Elroy – how many “established auto journalists have made THAT mistake? Truth is – since nearly the beginning of autodom, auto journalists love to write about centerfold cars – the ones most of us cannot afford, and drool over in magazines. You must’ve glazed over my comments because you make no mention of the BMW’s halo-dangling, the main thrust of my comments. Instead, you seem to want to support that the car is worthy of drool.

As is your prerogative; such as it is for us to respond when you lead with “The worst thing that has happened to this website…”


As the i8 is advanced aerodynamics, and 20 miles of EV range, with this year’s batteries, it displaces a Porsche S on the roads. Then yes, it’s a valid car on this blog. It’s is the first with light weight carbon-fiber, and BMW is now claiming that it will expand production of carbon-fiber, probably to other cars.

All good.
It’s not pure EV, but, there isn’t the battery capacity out there now that all cars can be converted to pure EV.


Posting articles here from BMWBlog and blog posts word-for-word from Tom Moloughney – and
“Born Electric” posts – they are about as objective as myself and my love of the Seattle Seahawks! In other words, they aint!

This stuff, along with the new addition of Tiffany Raim’s sexy top 10s has only lessened the legitimacy of InsideEVs, and yes, I’m entitled to my opinion.

I know these are editorial decisions to increase readership – and kudos to you for experimentation. But what gives a media outlet legitimacy and respect hasn’t changed over the years. To keep respect, an outlet has to act in a respectable manner.

There are many other websites out there running the same news each and every day. Sometimes the sheer number of new stories here is overwhelming. I’d go for quality over quantity, but that’s just me. What has set InsideEVs apart so far has been the
occasional scoop, and the smart undercurrent
of humor and taste in which stories have
been related.

I wouldn’t stray from that, as I think there plenty enough subjects each day to discuss without going there.

Strange thing is – people here who think i3 is good rag on me because I point out the very worlds of BMWs own CEO and execs who said i3 CFRP tech would go into their ICE cars in the near future. So the very heads of the company admit they want to keep selling garbage that gets 20-30 MPG. They also said the “I” program was in response to increasing global mandates for clean zones and C02-free zones in major cities.

This sounds like compliance to me – folks.
Now – here you have more evidence, with an unattainable PHEV being flaunted in your face and you look through the window to that wonderful GAS BURNER 5 Series that they really want to sell you…Or that shiny Sport Activity Vehicle they send here in droves.

Oh noooo, James – you’re a Negative Nancy, they say – Pffft. You guys need to wake up and smell the java, folks. You’re getting played.

But, BMW’s definition of “compliance” is they will sell as many as the public wants to buy. And they are sold in non-compliance states in the US.

Compliance comes in many different flavors. BMW’s take on compliance has an international flavor. The European Union is fast establishing stronger and stronger mandates as to where one can drive in a city, how, and how much it will cost the driver. Global warming is widely accepted there, and BMW execs stated in interviews available on YouTube that BMW wanted to get out in front of these mandates and the “i” Series is meant to address such.

Once again, I’ll remind you BMW’s CEO stated the CFRP tech will find it’s way into it’s ICE cars, which justifies it’s expense and allows them to keep selling gas burners at much higher profit margins that the i3.

We look at these ICE manufacturers with eyes wide open ( or, we SHOULD ). What we see is GM execs now labeling Volt a “halo” car in public, and thus justifying it’s low sales and inattention to continuing ad campaigns.

As for the Volt, it’s actual price point is $40,000, which is near the Corvette. It’s sells more units then the Corvette.
And it is GM’s most reliable and advanced car.

I’d say it is GM’s Halo car.

Mike, I just don’t think you understand what a halo car is. Or, you don’t get the negative aspect of a halo product. By “halo”, an auto manufacturer has labeled a product as a limited-run, small piece that is produced to enhance the image of the company and drive consumers into their dealerships to buy lesser models, priced more in tune with established competitors in that segment. Got it? Examples of halo cars are many. Think Dodge ( SRT ) Viper. Think Cadillac ELR. Think Lexus LFA. GM is the KING OF THE HALOS. Nobody in the auto industry believes that making tiny numbers of supercars or oddball cars ( Cadillac Allante, Cadillac XLR, Camaro Z/28, ZL-1, Corvette ZR-1, SSR… ) or “halos” draws in customers to buy V-6 affordable models like GM does. The quantifiable result halo marketing has on true sales numbers of a manufacturer’s mass-produced models isn’t out there. There truly are no numbers or viable studies that prove this type of marketing even works well enough to justify it’s astounding expense. But GM surely believes in it. Thus – calling Volt a halo only proves that GM wasn’t serious about mass-producing it. We here on this… Read more »
What ICE manufacturers are doing and what they should do still is more black and white than shades of gray. GM should market Volt as a direct competitor of Prius. They should stop the “halo” malarkey and get on with it. Let’s hope they do. BMW should start incorporating battery packs and cords into their models and not just try to incrementally increase their mpg by lightweighting. I think the EV community has a responsibility to hold their toes to the fire in this regard, and not bow and stoop to them for all their half-a**ed efforts. I believe it’s our duty to call it like it is, give kudos where they’re deserved, and encourage them to do more. It would be one thing if I actually was some Negative Nancy, but truly I am only a realist who believes we shouldn’t hail each ICE manufacturer who puts out something with a plug as an innovator until they show us that they are intent on moving forward with electrification rather than put out product they feel will placate the greenies while allowing them to keep making the CUVs, trucks and ICE-mobiles that really are the big profit makers they want… Read more »
Oh no Negative Nancy, please consider the facts once more: I3 is no more a compliance vehicle than the majority of the EVs out there. Even less so. You have just seen the report where the i3 actually constitutes a bigger percentage of the manufacturer’s sales than the Leaf does. The i8 is sold out for almost two years. Yeah, big failure for BMW’s first large scale effort. I think people will listen to the opinions of the world’s most established car journists than your opinion. The fact is they love the i8. You wouldn’t believe some of their quotes. BMW could have easily put in a bigger engine and motor. Including more batteries and weight. Remember there are more powerful cars using this same technology that are very powerful. The 918, P1, LA Ferrari, are more powerful and faster. For about a million dollars they make the i8 look like a bargain for an exclusive car. And remember, the Tesla will never be an exclusive car, and in the i8, market it does matter. Also, perhaps you fail to realize BMW has more international engine of the year awards than just about anyone. Furthermore, have you seen the awards… Read more »

Saab won tons of international engineering awards and they are presently being taken off of life support. Volvo has warehouses full of safety and innovation awards from auto associations and auto shows worldwide, yet they are now owned by the Chinese. Look no further than the Chevy Volt to define whether or not winning awards equals a winner in the marketplace. I don’t think there’s many awards Volt and Voltec hasn’t won.

Someone said BMW sells more i3’s in America than Nissan sells LEAFs in proportion to total sales – yet that argument falls flat because Nissan sells so many more cars in America than BMW. It seems to argue i3, folks make some real stretches.

35% of the comments – is that a record?

Time to educate again. BMW actually has some of the most efficient cars in its class. Just as the i3 and i8 have some of the best efficiency in their categories, they offer some of the best performance for that efficiency number. Here are some to the EPA Highway estimates for some of BMW’s bread and butter models.

45mpg:328d (higher and faster than a Jutta TDI
34mpg:528i (the volume seller 5 series)
38mpg :535d

I don’t know why you would say BMW Is just trying to trick you into buying their gas guzzlers, lol.

You cannot reason a troll away from a position that a troll has not been reasoned into..

2015 BMW Alpina B6 Gran Coupe 0-60 MPH Racetrack …:

This video shows how having 170 hp more doesn’t make the heavier B6 beat the i8 on the track.