BMW Innovation – BMW i8 Laser Lights – Video

BMW i8 Headlights


Never has an automaker focused so intensely on headlight technology as BMW has done with its i8.

BMW i8 Headlights

BMW i8 Headlights

The plug-in hybrid i8 is the world’s first production vehicle to feature laser light technology

“Front- and taillights give every BMW model an unmistakable look. But furthermore the development of light means increasing driving safety. Have a closer look at the latest laser light technology of the BMW i8.”

Says BMW.

In this video you’ll see how BMW goes over every aspect of i8 lighting with a fine tooth comb.

Did you know that the i8 is smart enough to sense oncoming traffic and to then split its light beam pattern so as to not blind other drivers?

You discover those details and so much more in this i8 laser light video by BMW.


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lol this is dumb and those lights arent even nice

Actually they are quite intelligent, and probably the best ones out there! Does a Tesla evem have LED headlights, or the old fashioned Xenon units???

I believe the Model S uses Xenon for the main headlamps. The rears are LED as are they daytime runners.

Agreed. These are fantastic and because the light is LASER powered (not actual LASER beam light)they are eye safe. Audi has a similar unit ready for production, maybe we will see it in the e-tron.

You are dumb. No suffering from buyer remorse for buying model S?

I need a set of these to retrofit into a late 80’s BMW M6. That way I can have lasers for my Shark!

(ok, bad joke referencing the “shark nose” M6, crossed with an Austin Powers reference — I’ll take the groans…)