BMW iNext Autonomous Electric Car To Hit Showrooms In 2021


BMW will introduce its new “flagship” car into showrooms in 2021. The electric, autonomous car will be coined the BMW iNext.

BMW iNext Concept Interior

BMW iNext Concept Interior

Harald Krueger, BMW CEO told annual shareholders in Munich that the upcoming vehicle with “cutting-edge” electric drivetrain and all new interior will be able to drive itself. The new release, along with BMW’s current “i” line are all efforts to compete in the luxury car electric vehicle market. This will be an addition to the line which already includes the i8 PHEV and the i3 BEV/REx. Krueger said:

iNext is set to be “our new innovation driver, with autonomous driving, digital connectivity, intelligent lightweight design, a totally new interior and ultimately bringing the next generation of electro-mobility to the road.”

BMW is actively revamping company concepts to assure direct competition with the likes of new OEM Tesla, along with the usual suspects, Audi and Mercedes-Benz. In March, the company showed its future ideas regarding vehicle autonomy via its Vision Next 100 concept car. This was likely an overly obvious foreshadowing of the iNext platform.

On top of this, as companies are realizing that car ownership is continually diminishing in “big city” environments, BMW has announced its jump onto the bandwagon of car-sharing and ride-sharing ventures. Its first delve into the scene is a car-sharing situation in Seattle, with the possibility of more such services to come.

The numbers are showing that Tesla is dominating the European market and lighting a fire under established automakers. Mercedes has been luckier than BMW with being ahead of the game, launching new product lineups and a multiplex of new models. BMW’s sales in the first quarter of 2016 only gained marginal success compared to that of Mercedes.

In an attempt to try to regain momentum and push ahead, BMW has cut prices by 5.9 percent across the board. This is partly since the company’s available models are all “older” models, in direct comparison to the competitors. Nevertheless, BMW is reportedly still on par with 2016 projections.

Krueger, in his stockholder’s address, assured that for the seventh consecutive year, his company is on target. While, unfortunately, above target needs to be the goal when factoring in the accelerated growth of the dominant competition.

Krueger concluded:

“After our first quarter, we are on track for the full year. We have always stressed that our centenary is a springboard to the future.”

With BMW’s newly announced push, following behind other companies, we will see if Krueger’s realizations prove true in this ever-changing and increasingly competitive new market.

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5 years? Too late!


Why is it a concept EV needs to look like something from the movie Tron? They’ve even hidden the wheels behind flat bottom skirting, so that what?, it’s supposed to look like it’s hovering an inch or two off the ground.

My guess is so that they won’t actually have to produce it because it looks ridiculous so no one wants to buy it. That way you can brag about your technology without having to prove it.


Bucky Beaver Face….

Because it’s more like statue or a symbol, not a car that they ever want to make. It pays tribute to past (narrow kidney grills, like the first BMWs), and foreshadows the next 100 years (super futuristic look).

LOL. Just when I got done commenting on superiority of self driving cars over hyperloop and rail. Autonomous cars are the future, and they can only work well with EV. Anything that has tailpipe won’t work as well due to inability to draft (for efficiency) without choking those behind.

I don’t know how to read your comment, other than to agree there was never any reason to think electric drive had to be buried in a drone cart. Musk increasingly insists so, and it appears BMW’s weird is turning pro. Clever.

Will they be still there at 2021?

Look at their balance sheet.

Will Tesla still be here in 2021 given their debt?

That’s another question…again looking at balance sheet, debt, assets already pledged in an ALB and convertible rating by S&P as junk.

Well tftf, once again posting your self-serving anti-Tesla FUD here and constantly failing to disclose your short positions here.

You might want to look at what Tesla Model S sales have done to European luxury car sales both here in the US:

And even outsold European luxury models in their own backyard of Europe:

I’ve heard a lot of references to short positions, but it just looks like name-calling and bullying to me. Do you have an undisclosed long position in Tesla? Do you see how silly that sounds?

He is also known Tesla short seller who comes here often putting out fud and piss off people.

Popular legend has it that organized smear campaigns by lobbied politicians and car dealers destroyed any fair chance for Tucker to succeed in the ’40s. The perception is that investing money for a positive act should be rewarded more than investing it for a destructive act, though you could then get into an argument over whether the activities of some companies are in themselves constructive or destructive. Tesla is seen as a positive force both among those who think American capitalism needs new blood and those who think that the rulers of the status quo are destructive, and should be destroyed. I’m more of the latter inclination, but I also think history shows that all economic activity is not equal, that declining empires get to be dominated by financial chicanery including short-selling and other unproductive derivatives. This is why markets can’t be morally neutral.

I don’t own any stocks as I’m retired from the Army. I guess you could say I’m long on the US and that is IF we support the transition to sustainable transportation and energy.

Tftf once disclosed his short positions on Tesla by linking an article he wrote on Seeking Liars.

I put him in the Mark Spiegel/Martin Shkreli category of financially leaching off the greater society while producing NOTHING of value to present and future generations unlike Tesla/Musk.

What matters is investor sentiment. Tesla’s sales have been increasing rapidly.

BMW’s high-end sports sedan sales have been dropping as they lose market share to Tesla.

I think both companies will be around in 2021. But BMW better be nimble and not be caught with gas guzzlers if there is a big move to EVs.

I thought the video was pretty cool.

I find it rather uncanny to have a car you don’t touch… perhaps the fear of a shock from an “electric” car?. It makes the man look awkward getting in. The kind of wolf whistle look the car gives the girl is cool.

BMW did a great job on this design. It must have been difficult making it look so ugly & ridiculous.

We are gonna make great EVs! We’ll start by high-lighting the grille with lighting because a grille is so important in an EV!


It’s possible that this is a fuel cell EV–or at least allows for the option of a FCEV drivetrain. In this case, the grille is not totally useless.

I think BMWs vision is fairly typical, although it has often been the frogs Peugeot and Citroën who’s been showing such radical design. The car was supposed to be different from what we have today and point towards a possible future. It does that very well. The wheels are uber cool – I don’t see how they really work, which makes them a bit magical. But they do look like they’d reduce drag very significantly. Remember the electric car GM killed? They’d encapsulated as much wheel as they could precisely for this reason. 🙂 I also think BMW, perhaps after Tesla, is best positioned for the EV transition of all the car makers. Mercedes is said to be ahead in this article, but counting the number of plug-in models doesn’t really tell us much. Look at the technology instead. BMW i3 is the world’s most efficient car. The factory runs almost exclusively on hydropower. It is more recyclable, and made of more recycled stuff, than any other car in the world. And it’s light and well protected against corrosion thanks to innovative materials like carbon-reinforced plastics. Mercedes B-class electric is a fine car, but it’s conventional next to an i3.… Read more »

Well… as much as I love some of the sci fi concepts.. like the steering wheel that hides… I can’t see that as something most folks would want. Better to convert the self driving car to one that uses a completely different interface… like a game joystick setup to control the car rather than some crazy origami mecha thingy. If things go wrong… you won’t want to wait for the steering wheel to unfold to be able to steer.
Like the flexi fenders over the wheels… not sure they would last long… but truly aero and truly cool… imagine parking too close to a tall curb… thousands of bucks gone in an instant.