BMW iM2 Electric Render Is Wacky, But Awesome

3 months ago by Eric Loveday 11

BMW iM2 Render

Over in the world of internal combustion-engined cars, The BMW 2 Series and its M2 sibling are regarded as perhaps the most exciting vehicles available for buyers on a budget. Why not make an electric version then?

That’s precisely what render David Olivares, a designer from Monterey, Mexico has done here.

Olivares took the M performance division and combined it with BMW i sub-brand of electric vehicles. The result is the BMW iM2 seen here. Olivares says that the iM2 ” is a car made for the future driver aficionado. It bonds the user and the machine by providing him a raw control of the vehicle.”

BMW iM2 Render

Olivares adds:

“This series hopes to fill the gaps between the current BMW series. It sacrifices luxury, top speed and range to achieve great acceleration, balance and competitive price.”

Since it’s only a render, there are no specs available. However, we do applaud Olivares for thinking electric and for creating this bold iM2 design. This comes at a time when BMW itself seems to be dialing back its electric car efforts and is intent on offering only subpar plug-in hybrids across the BMW Group. That’s unfortunate, since we think a car such as this battery-only iM2 would really be a hit.


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11 responses to "BMW iM2 Electric Render Is Wacky, But Awesome"

  1. William says:

    iM2 impressed as well, with this latest BMW Render. Keep ”em coming Olivares, always appreciate another EV Render to contemplate where BMW could go next.

  2. speculawyer says:

    Did Toyota buy out BMW?

    1. trololo says:

      Sources ?

      1. Philip Reeve says:

        Possibly well deserved sarcasm based on the ridiculously aggressive facia. 😀

        1. trololo says:

          Seems to be the point. I did not realize it got something of a Mirai.

  3. gorr says:

    The important thing in an ev is the range at low price, so stop building teslas or bmw with luxury and big power and autonomous driving. The goverment should stop any subsidies toward all these costly evs that only the richs buy.

    1. Frank says:

      Yes, let’s cut all subsidies! A real even playing field would be great for EVs and make combustion engines much, much more expensive. Unfortunately, internal combustion cars are subsidized much more heavily.
      Every ICE car is indirectly subsidized with about 7000$ .. 20000$, depending on engine size, mileage and maker; by giving tax breaks to the companies, letting them cheat with emissions specs and bailing them out when they go bankrupt again. (Tesla and Ford are the only car companies that haven’t been rescued by the taxpayer yet!)
      Regarding “luxury” cars: It’s all a matter of economics of scale. You can’t make a cheap mass-market vehicle first; you have to start with a low numbers luxury vehicle and incrementally work your way down. Tesla explained it all on their website ten years ago, go read it:
      And they received MUCH LESS subsidies than any other major player in the last years.

    2. speculawyer says:

      The subsidies help advance the technology as long as they build a good market.

      We would NOT be where we are today without rich people dropping $80K to $110K on Tesla’s for years thus building up the market and driving down the costs for batteries, motors, motor-controllers, in-car chargers, DC-fast-chargers, etc.

    3. JustWillimPDX says:

      Oh Gorr… You complain about the affordable EVs as well. Hard to take you seriously with all the doom, gloom and misinformation you promote.

  4. trololo says:

    Nice top grid removal, maybe the lower one should be reduced …

  5. Larry Holmes says:

    Needs kidney grills functional or not idgaf..

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