BMW i9 Rendering Is Beyond Radical

FEB 21 2015 BY STAFF 9

BMW fans are often known for their wild imagination when it comes to future cars and some of the most rendered vehicles of the future are the supercars. BMW’s lack of a proper supercar since the almighty M1 has sparked a lot of conversations and debates over the years, and some of those were accompanied by car renderings, some more real than others.

But today’s rendering is not one of those that resemble anything close to a future BMW model.

A BMW fan has decided to 3D render the rumored BMW i9.

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BMW i9 Rendering

According to Autocar, the BMW i9 has been approved for launch in 2016. The UK magazine says the car will be called i9 and would use the same carbon fiber tub 
as the i8 but would get more aggressive styling, a larger engine and a more powerful electric motor.

The engine is expected to be the new modular 3.0 liter six-cylinder unit that will appear in the 2016 BMW 7 Series.

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BMW i9 Rendering

Styling wise, it’s unknown if the i9 would be a two door model like the i8 or a larger, sleeker vehicle with four doors. But one thing we know for sure, it will not resemble the Batmobile seen here. Even though the rendering is daring and unique, it is far from what a production-ready BMW would ever look like.

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We’ve been seeing bubble domes on concept cars since the sixties, at least. But I seriously doubt we’ll ever see one on a production car. That’s just too restrictive of head room.

But aside from the bubble dome, I would -love- to see EV makers strike out in truly radical new directions. Gas guzzlers are obsolete! The “horseless carriage” didn’t really catch on until it -quit- trying to look as much like a buggy as possible. EVs shouldn’t be afraid to look different from gas guzzlers!


That’s just plain trollbait ugly.

Congrats, got me.


Yes! When is it ready?


It’s not going to matter when it ready if, like the i8, is costs a million $ (ok, sleight exaggeration) and takes over a year to deliver!

Micke Larsson

Here is the perfect design for their next range-extented BEV.

It’s normally called the BMW X3. Now they could call it the BMW iX3. A 30 kWh battery and an 80 kW range extender.

$45k, done deal.

Oh wait, then they would have to sell lots of them and cut into ICE profits.

The snout looks terrible. The shape of the two inserts are inconsistent with the lines of the opening into which they are fitted. It looks rushed and amatuerish. The material of which the inserts are made could be anything (steel, aluminum, titanium. etc) but it looks for all the world like they are made of the black vinyl on my grandpa’s 40 year-old Lazy-Boy. On the top of the right panel, it looks like there is damage (or a permanent indention) similar to what happened when someone dropped a heavy metal box on the arm of my grandpa’s beloved recliner during a move. Finally, the font used for the “i” and the “9” is one of the worst fonts I’ve ever seen. It is indescribably ugly. The two characters actually look like they might be from different font sets. Also, the characters don’t look like they are “centered” correctly. Because the panels are mirror images of one another, the slant of the each character relates to the panel shape in a totally different way. As a result, the “i” looks more centered than the “9” which looks like it is offset downward and to the right. Horrible. They could not… Read more »

Not a car I would take anywhere in the snow, with. 😛

Dr. Miguelito Loveless

Batman’s new ride.


And it will end up looking like an i3….