BMW i9 Coming In 2016?


According to BMW BLOG, Auto Motor und Sport and several other German language outlets are reporting that BMW will build a futuristic four-door sports car called the i9.

It’s rumored that the i9 could enter production as early as 2016, the same year that BMW will “not only name a successor to the highly-successful CEO, Dr. Norbert Reithofer,” but reiterate its commitment to future mobility and sustainability.

The i9, as the flagship plug-in vehicle in the i lineup, will show the world just how serious BMW is in regards to future mobility.

BMW holds trademarks for i1 through i9.

We believe that after the i3 and i8, BMW will unveil the i5, a family sedan/hatchback will four proper doors and seating for 5.

Beyond the i5, it’s anyone’s guess what’s next.

The i9 does however make sense, as it’s far easier to turn a profit on the high side of the luxury scale than it is on the low side.

We believe BMW at least hints at the i9 with its recently unveiled Vision Future Luxury Concept.

If BMW moves as rumored, then it’ll have the i3, i5, i8 and i9 all available by the end of 2016.

Source: Auto Motor und Sport via BMW Blog

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So far, the kwh go down as the model numbers go up. eew.

Bring it on BMW.

Seems odd that they’d build ANOTHER overpriced sportscar when they haven’t even made a sedan yet.

That’s the i5

A Model S Competitor? Bring it on.

If it’s like the Vision Future Luxury Concept, it’ll be more of a Panamera PHEV competitor than a Model S competitor.

^This is what I fear, too. Almost hoping the Porsche PHEV, and I8’s sales are slow.

As long as it “plugs in” to a gas pump, it is not the future. Its the past.

If 10% gas means 90% of the people can drive electric 90% of the time and still go on vacation with it, that’s fair enough for the time being.

As I wrote a couple of weeks ago, it will be kind of like the X4, in a way, but look like a distinct “i” car.

My suggestion on cars like this is to indicate in the article title that this is a hybrid. Then, when the endless articles come out comparing it to Tesla, I can not waste mental energy reading them.

The big news here is that there could indeed be an i5 by 2016!