BMW i9 Coming In 2016


For BMW’s 100th birthday,the revealing of a plug-in supercar is reportedly planned.

According to Auto Motor und Sport, BMW will reveal its i9 plug-in hybrid in 2016 to celebrate the automaker’s 100 years of existence.

Auto Motor und Sport says that it obtained information from insiders.  This info suggests that the i9 will be as follows (via Google Translate):

“The anniversary car is a kind of super-i8, actually deserves the i10 model name, but already Hyundai uses. That’s why BMW is the name i9 talking. As a plug-in hybrid sports car is powered by a combination of electric motor and six-cylinder and the system output of 362 hp of the i8 clearly surpass. Also, the electric motor itself will be stronger.”

“The BMW i9 sports car gets heavier than the i8 due to the larger motor having 1490 kg curb weight. From zero to 100 km / h, the BMW i9 likely accelerate in less than four seconds…”

The BMW i9 has not been officially confirmed by BMW, but there have been hints of its (or a vehicle akin to it) existence:

BMW Vision Future Luxury Concept Plug-In Hybrid Gets Revealed

Source: Auto Motor und Sport

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just what the world needs…

Well they could do a twin turbo V10 instead… Why complain about a PHEV Halo supercar? I hope they do build it, id also like to see BMW use their hybrid systems in some form of racing, maybe the World Endurance Championship.

Yeah, they could probably make a tank that shoots nukes too but…. This world needs practical electric cars like volt and leaf with more electric range not testosterone rockets. Its ok though, I wouldn’t buy a German made car under any practical circumstance.


I hoped the i9 would be like the large Alpina sedan, a large battery car with their small 3 cylinder. It was once pictured, here. This sounds like a gap closer to La Ferrari and the 918. Useless, in practical form.

They should increase that pathetic range on the i3 first, then make an i9 that only the top 0.1% would be able to afford.

A plug-in supercar? Didn’t they do that already? So they are going to have a sub 100 mile range City car and two plug-in supercars?

BMW, you are doing it wrong.

Yawn. Sorry if I can’t get excited over another plug-in that costs more than my house.

I guess they’re going where they think the money is, but I wish they’d do more pure BEVs

They should have electrified a full size SUV or maybe the BMW X6, which is a CUV.

Not sure what they would call it. Maybe an “S” for Sport and make it BMW SiX


This is just idiotic. The create a new brand, starts it of with a great all electric car and then seem to do their best in watering down that electric brand.

*sigh*… now they need another brand for all electric cars it seems.

Is this the joint car they are making with lexus. If its not the i8 and i9 and that car really make a confused segmentation.