No Future Plans For A BMW i8 Sport Due To Lack Of Demand


BMW customers are apparently happy with the performance levels of the current i8.

The future of BMW’s pioneering hybrid vehicles, the i3 and i8 sports car, seems uncertain at the moment, as the Bavarian automaker still hasn’t taken a final decision whether they will receive direct replacements. However, things are looking good for the recently unveiled i8 Roadster, as more than 1,000 customers have already signed contracts to buy an example of the open-top flagship plug-in hybrid.

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Sales are going strong at the moment and BMW doesn’t plan to introduce a more powerful powertrain for the i8 family in order to attract new buyers. In fact, customers haven’t even been asking for one. This was confirmed by Marcus Pluntke, product manager for the i8 Roadster and Coupe, to CarAdive during the international media launch of the new i8 Roadster in Mallorca, where we also tested the hybrid sports car. Pluntke was asked directly whether the automaker is working on a more focused and faster i8 S, in the same vein of the i3 S, and he revealed there are no plans currently for a more powerful i8.

“Customers are very happy with the performance it has,” Pluntke told the Australian publication. “Especially as it is so quick, you know the electric motor’s response is like immediately, like reading your mind, and that is what customers really ask for in a sports car. They don’t say ‘ooh, I need more power’ quite the opposite they say ‘It’s so fast on public roads. I can’t believe how quick it reacts and how quick it is’.”

BMW is also not interested in creating a more affordable version of the i8, which combines the out-of-this-world design with a more civilized powertrain. The brand is happy to keep things the way they are currently.

With a top speed of 155 miles per hour (250 kilometers per hour), the 3,274-pound (1,485-kilogram) i8 is already a pretty fast vehicle. What’s even more impressive, when in Sport mode, the hybrid vehicle can accelerate from 50 to 75 mph (80 to 120 kph) in just 2.6 seconds.

Source: CarAdvice

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A footnote in the history of the development of sport PHEV’s.
Bottom line reads, we are not spending more money on a car that won’t sell.

Truth is, most i8 owners revel in the fact that it is not a common car. Driving down Rodeo drive where a Tesla in invisible, the i8 still stands out as being exotic looking. Actually any time I see an i8 on the road, it stands out as being futuristic. And yes, the other CFRP plug in hybrid exotics may have more HP, but they are million dollar cars.

You know what else isn’t invisible about it: it’s ridiculously overpriced cost.

Complex and exotic cars are expensive – just like other exotic, custom things.
Production volumes, quality, materials used, design, looks.. it has a price, and the price is sometimes higher to make it more exclusive. The price is as high as people are willing to pay for it.

Which evidently isn’t many.

It sells just fine as it is, that is why they don’t spend more money on it.

You are being mislead by the title and didn’t read the article.

I wonder how challenging it would be to convert this (or any other PHEV for that matter) to all-electric. I guess it depends on the drive train; whether it’s pure electric drive or partially ICE-assist. But I foresee a robust aftermarket of HEV and PHEV-to-BEV (and HFCV for what it’s worth) conversions.

Edit: as a perfect example, there’s the i3 REX. It’s essentially already BEV; it just has a small gas generator onboard. As battery energy density improves, someday someone, possibly Beemer themselves, will make a drop-in module the exact size and mounting points as the REX.

The space that isn’t occupied by the REX in the full BEV version houses the heat pump.

Thanks for the info. Also: really?! So if you get the REX, you’re just going to drain the battery faster and switch to REX sooner because you’re using more electricity to heat the car? *facepalm*

Sure looks like a big empty space in the BEV. No heat pump occupying that space that I can see….

Ordered without the heat pump then. It is an extra.

So, to be perfectly clear: both the heat pump and the REX are options, but you can’t have both?


Please do your research on the heat pump location.

The heat pump in the BEV is up front where the gas tank is in the REX.

How’s that for crazy engineering? I’d rather do the ICE and add some more batteries. Make sure it can charge at 100kW, that would be a really nice i3.

Hi – would it be possible to review the headline on this article? I guess it is saying that there is not a demand for a higher-performance version of the i8, but it was somewhat confusing (to me) to figure this out.

Yes, since it is technically correct though it implies the lack of demand for the vehicle in general, not a lack of demand for a sportier version, which is the thrust of the article.
Like: i8 buyers satisfied with current vehicle.

I also was confused by the headline after reading the article. Thought it was gonna be about BMW discontinuing the i8 since sales were sluggish.

Yes, the subject isn’t the plural of the i8, but the Sport version of the i8, the i8s for sport.

I just changed it since there’s so much confusion. We’ve had the same issue in articles about the i3s. People think it’s a typo and we’re talking about a bunch of i3s. But, no. That’s what BMW chose to use for the Sport model, which is really confusing in writing.

IT Took BMW a long time to Get it, as they wasted time & resources to build a POS car and SHOVE IT DOWN PEOPLE’S THROATS . A Car that Rational people will steer clear of.. I hope The Fancy BMW Golf Cart is Next to be Axed , So they can stop their Loses and concentrate on Putting out a decent Product that is worthwhile for a Change!

The right customer can drive this super car to work every day with the same fuel economy as a Prius or Tesla. It looks like a Lambo or Ferrari, has all the performance you need, and you can take it to a 10 hr road trip without worrying about charging. What is wrong with that?

What is wrong with that is the price versus the features. Can do all that and far more with a more affordable Tesla Model S, but with 3 additional adults and two children on board, and instead of a front wheel drive EV with about 20 miles of range plus a gas engine, you get a faster car with a larger battery pack — again, for 1/3 the cost.

You can, but it doesn’t have the super car look or quality. Besides you need to charge it twice in the middle of your road trip. That makes it slower than a Toyota Corolla. Finally, a Tesla Model S is $100k, vs $150k for i8. It is not 1/3 the cost. If you lease it, the payments could be close to each other.

It is not FWD. Tesla is also sometimes propelled by FWD. You are just biased.

If you can’t afford it, or feel it’s not worth the money – don’t buy it. It has to do with choise, which it good. To me, an Apple iPhone is a piece of sh**, that is not worth the money. For my sister, who does not have my needs – it’s the best phone ever. The iPhone is clearly an overpriced phone, since there is NO company that makes that much profit on selling a phone. There is no real link between production cost, and what the customers pay. I was at a tour on the Hon Hai Precision Industry (Foxconn) factory in shenzhen, back in the iPhone 4 or 5 days.. and saw the Samsung containers with Samsung processors, Samsung batteries, Samsung memory chips, Samsung display screens… but she still thought the iPhone was THAT much better. If it lacked NFC, or other features they were useless, and the display was large enough and so on. She even though it was made in California, and not by semi slave workers China. The cost to assemble the phone in China is 6% of the product cost. If you see how much work, and how many steps it takes to… Read more »

About Apple:
The iPhone comes with Apple’s OS, a US company, who as you pointed out about profit, doesn’t make it’s profit by selling your personal info to outside companies. They make their profit on the product.
But, it has Apple’s OS, not a Chinese OS or an Open Source OS.

Secondly, Apple has the best security in their phones on the market.

Now, you may not wish to pay a premium for those two features, but others do.
Also, Apple’s phones typically have better photo results and better color.

Apparently, you didn’t read the article and only the title.

It will take a long time for you to get it…

Weight: 3455 / 357 HP = 9.6 LBs per Horsepower.
That’s a very responsive AWD system you’ve got there.
Carbon fiber really helps.

It’s the combination of carbon-fiber body and an electric motor.
And the carbon-fiber will never rust.

> And the carbon-fiber will never rust.

But shatters on impact, and the whole fiber section has to be replaced, as it cannot be repaired.

“Shatters on impact”, would also be a Totaled car if steel.
Carbon fiber is stronger than steel.

EV enthusiast don’t want it because it’s not a BEV vehicle and your regular Joe Blow don’t want it because it’s not on ICE vehicle. BMW wanted to have it both ways. It doesn’t work that way. BMW even tried to give it an invitation engine sound. EV Enthusiast that I know love the quiet sound of a BV vehicle. My cousin who loves his hot-rod would kick that i8 with it’s fake engine sound to the curb in a heartbeat.

The fake engine sound, sounds authentic, and better then 99% of the current high performance screaming drills that high rpm engines sound like today. Modern high performance engines don’t sound like your grandmom’s 1970 GTO.

The new Ford Mustang GT has an ugly gurgle noise this year as well.
Seems like most manufacturers are not “tuning” their engine noise lately.
Seems like many don’t want to hire employees, and product is suffering.

You are another victim of misleading title. Read the article.

That is F’ed up title.

It is due to lack of demand on more power because it is still selling so well at current spec…

And the 2018’s did get a modest battery upgrade and performance boost.

Bingo ‼️

So I easy to criticize when you’re not the writer

Don’t need to be the writer to know how many people are being mislead just by reading the comment..

Gee there’s a shocker. For the love of God can we say goodbye to this car already??

There’s no such thing as kph. K what? It’s km/h.