BMW i8S To Launch In 2016

DEC 24 2014 BY MARK KANE 7

BMW i8

BMW i8

BMW i8

BMW i8

CAR magazine reports that next year, BMW on its hundredth anniversary (company was founded in March 1916) will present a plug-in hybrid supercar that will later go on sale in 2017.

It will be based on the i8 and gets code name i8S.

“It is not merely an engineering showpiece but a proper production model, CAR understands. Although it is loosely based on the i8, the flagship coupe features so many bespoke parts that it could almost be described as a new car. The i8’s Life and Drive modules – the carbonfibre upper and the aluminium-intensive chassis – will be retained, but the individual elements are more comprehensively integrated, the material mix is even more diverse and the more efficient packaging eliminates the token rear seats in favour of a bigger luggage bay, sources say.

Expect a virtually redesigned suspension with more aggressive kinematics, along with stronger brakes and wider tyres. Even though the new flagship coupe bears a certain resemblance to the i8, it is safe to expect that the car will sport an even more dynamic look as well as ground-effect aerodynamics.”

Power will go up by some 150 HP compared to the i8, so acceleration will be even better (0-62 mph is expected to be just 3.5 seconds).

“This remains an i8-based sports car, which means it’ll still be a plug-in hybrid. Total system power output will reportedly be in excess of 500bhp; the combined torque stands around the 520lb ft mark.

The new mid-engined coupe is still being evaluated in two different configurations: one features a twin-turbo 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine rated at approximately 320bhp, the other one boasts a 3.0-litre straight six good for close to 480bhp.

While the petrol engine drives the rear wheels just like in the i8, the electric motor propels the front wheels. Its power output is 109bhp when mated to the six and 204bhp when supporting the four.”

Well, it seems that more and more performance plug-in hybrids are coming, however this time rather in limited quantity.

Source: Car Magazine

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Ya’ know, if they did away with the electric motor and the batteries and associated electronics, they could put a proper v-8 in that there puppy and m’be a 4-barrel or six-pack!

How about the V-16 from an old Cadillac?

Have you driven a turbo charged bmw straight 6? You might like it better than most of your old V8s. After around 300 hp there is a point of diminishing returns on more powerful engines (costs rise fast as does weight for acceleration). Electronics actually offer best price performance. PHEV can add power to the other wheels (front wheels of a rwd car) and fill in gaps as it can apply during shifts making them smoother, and instantanious response. You can always buy a corvette if you want old school push rod V8 in its most modern form, otherwise its going to go PHEV.

Dude… you speak sense in a modern way

V-8’s are great, but they suck (a lot of fuel)! And as time still is moving forward, and while it might be nice to dream of yesterday, future performance vehicles will be targeting ‘Efficient Performance’, which will be accomplished with increasing % of total power coming from Electric Motors and I expect we will also see Super Capacitors along with Battery Packs supplying the Energy to those motors.

Not much can beat the ability of the electric motor to deliver instant torque from 0 RPM. Batteries are getting better and can be expected to contonue to do so. Super Capacitors are great at delivering instant power and in time will posibly store more total energy per cell as well. The Sprint is their domain and batteries give the range.

Metheenks they speak doody..

Wheels/tires are changed Immediately by owners that care.

Aftermarket replacement kit for rear ‘Not Seats’ is nearly released/available.

Unless batteries get lighter, no help there, against stated balance and weight goals.

Super-regen might help at the track, but that is the only thing (that I can think of) that cannot be easily modded by the owner. Engine is already maxed against CO2 goals, motor can’t deliver Much more without screwing the balance.

so they are giving this imitation hybrid a much bigger engine effectively killing any carbon saving on the first 20 miles. if you own a 150k car, would you really care to plugin for a 20 mile electric drive to save 3 bucks? epa will give a good rating so bmw will save on zev credits.