BMW i8: Worlds, Option Pricing, Wheel Choices US Allocation And More


BMW of North America releases the final pricing, options, packages and wheel options for the new 2014 BMW i8.

The majority of i8 orders were allocated as Pure Impulse World, a limited launch package for MY14 and MY15 only. BMW says that 90% of the production was secured as Pure Impulse World to meet the expected demand of this unique package.

The remaining 10% of the production is available as the Tera World.

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Pure Impulse World

  • Carum Spice Grey full perforated leather
  • i8 designation on headrests
  • Seat belt in BMW i Blue
  • Surface of gear selector switch in zirconium oxide ceramic
  • Floor mats with leather border in black with contrast stitching in BMW i Blue
  • Engine/Trunk Cover in black leather
  • Laser engraved i8 door sill finishers
  • All brake calipers painted in black high-gloss with blue detail and ‘BMW i’ designation
  • BMW i Pure Impulse Card for the BMW i Pure Impulse Experience Program (details TBA)

Full details can be seen below:

2014-bmw-i8-pricing-options-wheels-12-579x750 2014-bmw-i8-pricing-options-wheels-22-579x750 2014-bmw-i8-pricing-options-wheels-0-606x750 2014-bmw-i8-pricing-options-wheels-01-579x750

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6 responses to "BMW i8: Worlds, Option Pricing, Wheel Choices US Allocation And More"
  1. acevolt says:

    This car even makes an ELR look like a good deal. Twice the electric range and half the price.

    1. mr. m says:

      Yeah, with half the power and double the weight for the ELR, certainly good looking for the ELR ^^

      The ELR is a luxury car with a plug and a decent range.
      The i8 is a (luxury) sports car with a plug and some nice addons (laser light, carbon).

      Thats two different worlds.

    2. Evil Attorney says:

      Nice looking, but still can’t get over that the i8 0-60 time on electric alone is around 9 seconds.

  2. MichaelB says:

    Looks like USA will not be getting the laser lights just yet?

  3. David Murray says:

    That is the most beautiful car I’ve ever seen; I especially like the color!

  4. Fabian says:

    OMG, 130k for this?

    Tesla Model S all the way.