BMW i8 Wins Automobile Magazine’s “2014 Design of the Year” Award


The BMW i8 is perhaps one of the most visually striking vehicles in decades.

BMW i8 Live in Tokyo

BMW i8 Live in Tokyo

Make that 6 decades, according to Automobile Magazine.

For its “2014 Design of the Year” award, editors at Automobile Magazine agreed hands down that the BMW i8 was the clear winner.  Here’s what those editors collectively say of the i8:

“It has been almost six decades since the world market was offered a fully realized “car of the future,” available to anyone holding the modest sum requested. That was the Citroën DS19, which embodied many of the then-radical features that have become commonplace now. We see the i8 as the contemporary equivalent of that milestone car. The $136,625 BMW represents the kind of luxury/performance vehicle that will be quite common at all price levels in 2074. It sets a new standard for everyday automobiles and is much less extreme in both cost and performance than LaFerrari and the Porsche 918, but it is just as efficient and dazzling in its capabilities.”

Citroen DS 19

Citroen DS 19

There’s no denying that the BMW i8 turns head for all the right reasons.  The fact that it plugs in makes a world of difference to us.  Aside from the Tesla Model S, there exists no vehicle out there that plug ins, yet has the ability to capture the attention of the world.  The i8 does that.

From Automobile Magazine:

“For all of its unexpected characteristics, its startling yet elegant shape, its retention of the genetic elements that made BMWs “ultimate driving machines,” with optimism and enthusiasm, we declare the BMW i8 Automobile Magazine’s 2014 Design of the Year.”

BMW i8

BMW i8

BMW i8 Interior

BMW i8 Interior

Source: Automobile Magazine

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Will somebody give me one of these for Christmas?

Me too!!!

I heard it runs on coal. Want that too? 😉

If I was given one for free, I would sell it and buy a model S, or three Volts.

I think the i8 looks great, but this statement “It has been almost six decades since the world market was offered a fully realized “car of the future,” is a bit of a slap in the face at Tesla. Tesla’s inclusion of 3G connectivity, full Google maps, web browser and over-the-air software updates point to more “car of the future” aspects than this 2 door sports car.

But you can put one of these under my Christmas tree too 😉

Ha haaaaaa +1

Tesla is beautiful but the missed a modern design, the went to timid for such of new technology. BMW nicely done at the level of Aston Martin, Jaguar coupes but not worth the money

Translation: The i3 is ugly.

It’s pretty, but beyond the use of carbon fiber, it breaks no new technological ground. The Chevy Volt has essentially the same drive technology.

It’s slower than a Tesla yet it burns gas. Not necessarily the best of both worlds given the added weight and complication of an on board Internal combustion engine.

If you were truly designing an automobile from the ground up today–no way it would have a gas burning engine. It’d be a pure EV.

The established car companies need to get over oil and move us forward. If they don’t someone like Tesla is going to eat their lunch.


Nope… No thanks I don’t need a (Barley working Motor) Especially since there are Two in that one