BMW i8 – Exhaustive Video Test Drive & Review


BMW i8

BMW i8

At nearly one hour long, this video review is easily the most comprehensive we’ve ever seen on the BMW i8. presents this review of the 2015 BMW i8.

The video focuses on basically every aspect of the car, including exterior and interior design, cabin space, technology and driving impressions.

Jump Markers:

04:27 – facts
06:53 – exterior
15:41 – interior
33:48 – compartment check
37:16 – on the rear seats
40:20 – trunk
43:42 – driving impressions
50:47 – assist systems and infotainment
52:48 – sum-up

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Very nice review, but I wish they would show a close up of the European Charge Connector. OF course, if it is only 3000 watts or whatever the diminutive charger is (240 volts @ 12.5 amperes) they really don’t need a Mennekes connector.

But he did mention the I – ‘wall box’ which I believe IS a mennekes connector since it is also used for the ‘continental’ I3 which is 7 kw (10 amperes 3-phase @ 400 volts), so maybe they do. I know the US version obviously will in that case have a separate 110-220 volt compatible single phase charger in the car, as well as an ‘occasional use’ cord.

I sat in the passenger side of an I8 while at McMaster (the driver’s side was constantly hogged by others as you can imagine, and I found ingress/egress to be rather difficult, a bit more so than my Roadster at the time.

I did like that He criticized the car when it was justified, and not merely another puff piece which in general we get way too much of.

Exhaustive and bit exhausting, except when its in ev mode. So in an hour he basically says it sucks as everyday driver, is hell to get into and out of, and if you are taller than 6′ forget it. Also visibility is very poor.

Otherwise its fun to drive, and if its your thing then go for it.
My synopsis.

If it could go 50 km in EV mode, it would be the perfect car for me.

Sorry! I didn’t mean it for you.

The carbon-fiber compensates for the battery weight, of course. As batteries improve, you could replace the current battery with a lighter one with more capacity, in the future.
Or, just put in the same size and weight battery and get more range. Is your goal a faster car or a more environmental Impact car? You choose.

The aero figure. Yes, BMW, why that un-aerodynamic nose, the same problem on the i3. Put the BMW front end under a piece of smooth aero plastic. Or, just get rid of the fake grill altogether.