BMW i8 Video Review By The Fast Lane Daily


BMW i8 Quick Specs!

BMW i8 Quick Specs!

Tom Albrecht from Fast Lane Daily checks out the BMW i8 on a private road course.

Like every review we have seen so far, FLD really likes the i8, but there always seems to be a few quibbles.

An interesting topic Tom Albrecht speaks of in the video above would be the service/maintenance aspect of the i8. It does not appear that you will be able to do work on the i8 on your own.  Tom mentions the particular video on how to properly open the doors and the hood, you can check that out here to understand what he’s discussing.

It looks like that’s the price you pay when it comes to owning an i8.  It’s an exotic piece of machinery and some of its functions are equally exotic/odd.

After watching Fast Lane Daily‘s review, what is your take on the BMW i8? (omit price from the equation this time).

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Well, BMW has been known to make their cars hard to repair on your own. Any type of hybrid system, with or without a plug, is going to ad to the complexity. Most of the BMW owners I have met are not the fix their own car types anyway, so for them at least, this is not an issue.

the easily Three forums Per actual BMW model disagrees with your experience, but I agree that this, like the M-1 or the 850 is a First Person car. i.e., there Won’t be forums dedicated to this model after the warranty runs out, like the previous mentioned, because if you have to ask how much, this is simply Not your car, anymore than the hyper-Porches.
DIY on the 850 is an exercise in masochism.

I seriously have no idea why so many people like this car. Huge price for a meh car,
Wanna go fast? tons of cars beat this one.

Want a electric car? guess what?!? you can ALMOST get to 25miles going down hill with a tailwind and a smooth surface I bet!

The doors just make it hard to get into for the sake of “looking cool”. At least with a lambo the doors get out of your way :/

And in EV mode the i8 can’t even beat a Volt which is almost 400 lbs heavier in a drag race to 60.

15 MPG?

i thought it got like 30


even more of a joke, pass

Closest thing out there with these looks and drivetrain cost almost a million dollars. This car having a MSRP around $150,000 makes it the cheapest with this drivetrain setup. Comparing it with high horsepower gasoline cars is a joke. This thing has a 3 cylinder engine that even the likes of car and driver have been able to achieve 0-60 times of 3.8 seconds. That’s impressive. Show me another high horsepower car that can get those 0-60 times with 3 cylinders. Hats off to BMW for proving again you don’t need to drop the highest horsepower inefficiient gas guzzler to achieve awesome 0-60 times.

For a much better 0-60 time at the same price, the obvious answer is the Tesla Model P85D.