BMW i8 Video “I Am The Possible”

3 years ago by Electric CarsTV 8

I Am i8

I Am i8

You are what you ate.

Or, in the case of the BMW i8, I am i8.

Okay, maybe that tagline doesn’t work well for the BMW i8, but the followings surely does:

“I am the possible.”

BMW’s latest i8 commercial is rather boastful, with the ultimate message being that BMW proves what’s possible in the automotive world with the introduction of the BMW i8.


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8 responses to "BMW i8 Video “I Am The Possible”"

  1. Aaron says:

    The video is titled “I am the possible”, but that phrase is not within the video.

    The music doesn’t seem to match the visuals. Is that supposed to be some pseudo-futuristic music? It lacked the kind of intensity and drive (no pun intended) that I would expect for music for this commercial.

  2. Negative Ned says:

    What is not possible is to bring a decent bag of clothes with you. The i8 has hardly any storage space.

  3. EV says:

    let the car sell itself…. if it can….

  4. SIvad says:

    That part at the end where the i8 accelerates suddenly is false advertising. It can’t accelerate that quickly under electric only mode. At 96kw/129hp it has less power than a Chevy Volt in that mode. Instead of that silent whooosh sound you would actually hear the 3 cylinder engine kick in and then worse the fake exhaust note.

    I can’t take any car seriously that has a speaker in the exhaust pipe that makes fake car sounds.

    1. See Through says:

      Then, you should ride a bus 🙂 Many gas cars now-a-days have fake sounds as the gas engines have become too efficient.

      In fact, driving my EV is sometimes a pain as the pedestrians don’t hear the car. If I honk, it scares them, and so doesn’t seem nice.
      I think, EVs need to be equipped with bicycle horns for pedestrian alert.

  5. Spec9 says:

    BMW wins the contest of most marketing PR put out to create little non-stories.