BMW i8 Versus Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio – Drag Race Video


Finally…a drag race that doesn’t feature a Tesla.

BMW i8 Race

Here we present a 1/2-mile drag race between the BMW i8 and an Alfa Romeo with a ridiculous name – Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio.

We’ll just call it the Alfa.

The Alfa packs a 2.9-liter, V6 twin turbo engine that puts out 503 HP. Up against the 357 HP i8, the Alfa should come out on top, especially since this race is a full 1/2-mile long.

With AWD though, you’d expect the i8 to get the jump off the line…it doesn’t.

The result is a no contest race in which the Alfa blows the doors off the i8. Maybe a Tesla would’ve been a better match?

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Maybe the Tesla would be a better match? Considering a P100DL absolutely destroys the BMW the Alfa would be toast…

Alfa is near top of its class. Tesla may beat it from a standing start, but the Alpha would kill the Tesla on the track, or leave it for dead with its 191mph top speed. And in any kind of fun to drive on a winding road or track contest. It keeps winning comparison tests.

Also, I have gone to these events with modified newer Porsches, BMW, Hellcats, Corvettes, etc. You can see tuned newer M3 BMWs pulling on tuned, ethanol, supercharged new Z06 Corvettes with at least 700 crank horsepower. The point is, hardly any of these new turbo cars at these events are stock, or they will get slaughtered. By the sound of the exhaust, etc, more than likely that Alpha was modded. The i8 is already high strung for a 1.5 liter 3 cyl, so not much you can do to it.

From the shift sector event:

Alfa. Not Alpha, and that’s the stock exhaust sound. Alfa is stock. Non-Car folks shouldn’t be allowed to comment on car articles.

Brilliant Sherlock…I know…just didn’t proof read the PIA typing on my phone as it autocorrected to Alpha…as you can see my first sentence had the word Alfa in it, so I’m sure you had to be brilliant to not understand what I was trying to type. Not a car person? I used to race in these events.. Perhaps the Alfa has stock exhaust, perhaps not…BMW’s M3’s are making 700hp on stock exhaust mufflers, I’m sure the alfa can too.

You would think with 150 more horses the Alfa would pull away quicker 🙂

yup, considering the specs, the i8 did fairly well off the line and to probably arouND 70mph. Probably didn’t have the greatest launch either. But stock for stock, the Alfa does high 11s, and the i8 mid 12s in the quarter mile.

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Folks – Alfa, please, not Alpha.