BMW i8 Versus Tesla Model S 85D – 0 To 62 MPH & 0 To 124 MPH – Video


85D Wins

85D Wins

“BMW i8 vs Tesla Model S 85D from 0-100 km/h and 0-200 km/h or 0-62 and 0-124 mph.”

States the video description.

This isn’t the P85D, Tesla’s quickest and fastest Model S, but rather the more tame 85D model.  Still, the far cheaper Tesla wins the dash (0 to 62 MPH), but can’t keep up with the i8 as the speeds climb.

While the 0 to 62 MPH race is close, the i8 crushes the Model S in the second 0 to 124 MPH run.


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Why do these sorts of contest always seem to be a little like someone trying to justify something?

You’ve spent thousands of dollars on a status symbol, just be comfortable with that…… there’s no need to be defensive.

Big Solar

for fun?



Agreed. There’s more to life than going fast in a straight line. All these drag race videos of Teslas got boring after the first one years ago (and that goes for any car). Besides, in real life, you’ll just see the guy again at the next stop light.


They are very fun when you are in the Tesla.

better than a rollercoaster


It’s the experience, the feeling the car gives you.

0 to the speed limit is real life everyday fun


This is a good comparison, and useful.

Now we know which one burns less gas.


Why is there an exclamation point added to the i8’s win but not the Tesla? And this should be with the P85D, not the S85D which is closer in price to the i8. This shouldn’t even be worthy of posting on insideevs…or commenting on.

MTN Ranger

That is because the first test to 62 was close, while the second to 124 was a blow out.


Ridiculous that this video states the p85d specs. Yet runs the 85d. This is a 420 hp model yet shows the p85d power specs. Which is much faster at accelerating than both the 85d and any BMW that has been built to date. The 85d still a quick car but no where near as fast as the performance setup included in the p85d option.


Yup, and the video is being edited.

The i8 is faster than a shooting star. I read it on the internet.

Never mind that it is three times as slow, as the P85D in electric mode:

Peder Norby

Tesla fans are not happy!
Good thing there were no curves in the mix.



Don’t you know that American cars only go in straight lines?

It hasn’t changed since the 60s…

mr. M

Above 150 kph the model s sucks, its clear to see. They would need 2-3 gears for real racing.


Even with the P85D, I doubt that it would win against i8 in the 0-200kph…

Model S is geared for low end speed racing..

It NEEDS more gears!

The power of the P85D drops off sharply after 71mph because its main motor starts to lose hp. The front motor will compensate slightly but it is far less powerful!

A simple gearing issue that most BEV purist just don’t get…


The i8 is not an electric vehicle.
Why compare it to the Tesla S ?


Because they are similar priced and people have been using Telsa to illustrate performance which is proven wrong here in the 0-200kph race.


Except they aren’t. The P85D is…

Also, since I don’t have either, Does the 85d have an insane mode or only the P85’s


nice run. Thanks for posting. Amazing that everyone and their brother wants to race a Tesla.

Not that it really matters, but my experience of BMW owners has been you will be taking it to the shop at least once per year.

Hans Noordsij

This articles are always funny, not because of the cars. Both cars are beautiful and fast but for the rest they are completely different. One is electric, one is not, one is a family coach that can carry 5 persons (or 7 if 2 are children) and has a huge cargo space, one is just a twoseater, one can travel long trips through Europe using free superchargers, one needs to buy gas and prices are “slightly” different. People buy the i8 for other reasons than people buy a Tesla. Nobody should care 🙂