BMW i8 Versus Porsche 911 – Track Video

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BMW i8 Versus Porsche 911

BMW i8 Versus Porsche 911

The iconic Porsche 911 takes on the BMW i8 on track. A classic vs a technical powerhouse, can the BMW deliver or does the Porsche take the win? The folks over at EVO Magazine go to the track to give us the answer.

The Porsche 911 Carrera 4 GTS PDK uses the Powerkit” from the Carrera S of freer-flowing intake runners and higher-lifting valves with 3.8-liter six-cylinder engine developing 424 hp at 7,500 RPM and 325 lb-ft of torque at 5,750 RPM. The engine is mated 7-speed PDK dual-clutch automatic transmission. The 911 also has a lowered Sports Chassis and a limited-slip rear differential.

Porsche claims that the 3,340-lb cabriolet with the PDK can hit 60 in just four seconds flat (the 146-lb lighter coupe is said to do the trick in 3.8).

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BMW i8 uses a plug-in hybrid system consisting of a turbocharged three-cylinder BMW TwinPower Turbo petrol engine and BMW eDrive technology in the form of an electric drive system. The 1.5-liter combustion engine develops 170 kW/231 hp and drives the rear wheels of the BMW i8, while the 96 kW/131 hp electric drive sends its power to the front wheels and allows an all-electric range of up to 35 kilometers (22 miles) and a top speed of 120 km/h (75 mph). The i8 weighs 3,284 lbs.

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I guess the thing is for me.. I have no desire to drive any of my cars crazily on a track like this.

Sounds like the i8 simply needs a 4 cylinder instead of a 3, better track tires, better brakes, and better steering. The first 3 are easy for bmw, they already have those parts. The improved steering to match the 911 may be very difficult, but bmw is working on a better eps with the new m3.

Where is your helmet and hans device. You are very foolish to drive high energy track cars at speed without head protection, especially with the distraction of talking on video while you drive…air bags or not.

They are both great cars. The i8 body is amazing. BMW needs to offer a gas version of the i8. Use the same body with flared wheel wells and possibly the Schnitzer style i8 tweaks. Next, drop in a BMW V8 twin turbo putting out over 500 bhp. No hybrid stuff. They will sell a boat load at $125 K.

Alternatively, keep the hybrid set up. Wider wheel wells and have a Paul Rosche 4 cylinder BMW turbo instead of the three cylinder. Putting out about 400 bhp.