BMW i8 Versus Mercedes-Benz AMG GT – Video Comparison

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BMW i8 Versus Mercedes-Benz AMG GT (source: Drive)

BMW i8 Versus Mercedes-Benz AMG GT (source: Drive)

Drive published a comparison of two similarly priced cars – BMW i8 (from $299,000 AUD) and Mercedes-Benz AMG GT (from $295,000 AUD) from the Australian point of view.

BMW i8 is called a supercar for the iPad generation, but ultimately lost as the review winner was the Mercedes-Benz AMG GT.


BMW: Very probably the future of high performance cars and proof that the hybrid is more than the stop-gap many thought it would be.

AMG: Big, brawny, take-no-prisoners coupe that stirs the soul. Doesn’t feel like a science experiment which, at this money, is crucial.

Winner: AMG”

BMW i8 won in two out of five categories:

  • Value
  • X-Factor

but lost in three:

  • Inside
  • Under the Bonnet
  • How it drives

Source: Drive

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I still think, if BMW would have made the i8 fully electric, it would have been better. Like 80% of the P90Ds battery and 80% of the P90DLs horsepower. It would still be very light, have over 250 miles of range and over 600hp. It would destroy the AMG GT in every category

With 80% of the P90D’s battery pack, the i8 would probably weigh 4,000 pounds which isn’t light. The additional significant battery pack weight would require larger tires, wheels, and brakes and a more substantial suspension which would further add to its weight. It would no longer be a nimble sports car.

I don’t think it would be 4000 pounds, since the model S doesn’t weigh 5000, but it is a much bigger, not carbon fibre car. Just scaling it down to 80% does not seem right. You could also save some weight on the S, by using power denser motors. In the end 3500 seems more likely, which is an appropriate wight for a close to 700 hp sports car.

why not put it against Mercedes’ all electic car (the half million dollar one)? anyone done that comparison yet?

This is like Apple vs Oranges. How can you compare a 3 cylinder turbo to a 8 cylinder one. Obviously the AMG will win this one. I m sure if BMW wants to build one, it will outdo the Merc