BMW i8 Versus Honda CBR – Video

MAR 2 2015 BY STAFF 5

We all know how those motorbiker boys love to go on about how quick their little two-wheeled things are, right?  Well, here’s some evidence that the new BMW i8 fares pretty well against one of the quicker bikes on the road – the Honda CBR.  Of course, we would never condone such reckless and immature behavior here at InsideEVs.

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That a 97-98 Honda Cbr600f3. Top speed is 156 mph and quarter mile time is very low 11 seconds. I had 2 of them a 1995 and a 1998. My faster one actually went 10.99 at 125 mph in the quarter. So its actually alot faster than the Bmw. And newer bike are in the 10s and 9s range for quarter mile. Im sure the i8 is fast but its not even in the same league.

I seriously doubt the i8 was really trying after a few seconds because that was quite a busy road and would be very dangerous to go very fast.

You can tell by the tachometer on the CBR that they were not trying either. The bike is capable of 0-60 in 3.2 seconds in stock form, vs 4.2 seconds for the i8. Reaching 60 mph in that time on a bike does require a fair amount of skill and is very hard on clutch plates.

love accelerations from stop lights

want to see i8 vs P85D

What country was this in? My brother had a CBR 1100 which was quick then he upgraded to a Ducati. Me I’m still waiting for my Tesla S or E but not the X