BMW i8 Versus Golf Cart – Video


"If you beat us, you can have it for a spin"

“If you beat us, you can have it for a spin”

Your first thought when a race between a slow golf cart and the all-new BMW i8 occurs is that the i8 would win, right?

Well, during a race between the two at the BMW International Open, the result is not what you’d expect.

You will see throughout the video that the golf cart had the upper hand by being able to go where the i8 could not. Was this advantage enough to give the golf car the edge?

“A promise is a promise” and the two golfers were rewarded with a test drive of the stunning all-new BMW i8. In our minds, that’s a swell reward.

Specs on the BMW i8 can be found here.

"A promise is a promise"

“A promise is a promise”

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Notice how they never show the pain of having to get in our out of the i8.

it really makes you wonder how much BMW is paying to get these articles posted here.

InsideEVs has no working relationship/compensation deal with BMW to post articles, or any OEM for that matter.

In fact we have never even accepted a freebie of any kind, a travel stipend, chotchkie, etc. at any point – this policy is just about unheard of when it comes to automotive journalism … even from sites 1/10th our size

“Staff” Thank you for making a statement about your integrity. It rings with honesty !
Everyone must be wondering, as “No Comment” wrote, how BMW seems to dominate this site. The truth is the amount of trivia that they spin into promotion of the i3 and i8, is often laughable and pretends to be news.
This site on the other hand is fabulous as you report all the EV news from around the world as it happens. I just wish you had that NY Times slogan, “All The News That’s Fit To Print”. That would cure the BMW dominance of this site !
Thank you for all that you do so well !!!

Personally, I think you see a fair amount of BMW content such as this because BMW has committed to producing it and marketing the “i brand” – which quite honestly you don’t see much of elsewhere in the segment.

This spot for example, they had to round up/pay the PGA pros (Sergio Garcia and Henrik Stenson), have a tourney they sponsor and be willing to use that platform for their plug-ins, plus ship the car to the ideal place to shoot, hire the crew, etc. As noted, BMW also produces a lot of other orginal (and fairly slick) content for their cars.

Now we could choose to ignore it (and other BMW spots), but we long ago decided we are going to bring to readers whatever happens to be out there on any given day, on any plug-in vehicle…from there, a person reading the story can then decide/evaluate it for what it is worth, but know they are also getting the full spectrum of content available.

Thank you Jay, I get what you say.
As you can see in the reader responses to other articles today such as, “Fitting a Bass in my i3”, many readers are questioning BMW’s dominance of this site.
The editorial comments which you can control feed the notion that perhaps objectivity has been compromised. Please recognize that your readers are seeing things accumulate that feels like a distraction from the real news,,,,, which you do so well !!!!

Yes, I hear/can see that…and noted, we’ll keep a closer eye on things.

Quite honestly ‘sales day’/first of the month is a huge drain on man-power/ you are only going to see 4-5 traditional news pieces and 3-4 of the more light-hearted fair (as we like to put out 10-12 stories a day)

Please accept one more thank you.
The quantity of Ev news that you find and report is phenomenal.
This site is my favorite on the Internet. I am here 4-5x per day consuming the majority of the stories that you post.
I’m sure that I’m not alone!
In a world of turmoil, this subject, EV, is positive news. This site shares it brilliantly.
the construction, format and ease of access that you have created, gets a daily round of applause from me !!!!

BMW and Tesla are by far leading the rEVolution. So what do you expect? Should they not post so many Tesla articles either?

Just enjoy it and don’t read the ones with BMW if you don’t like it, it’s easy enough to skip them. 😉

Nice try !!!
Tesla is leading the Ev revolution and BMW is Following,,,, several other companies!

i guess where i disagree with many on this forum is on whether EV adoption will be evolutionary or revolutionary. i think that the process will be evolutionary. it is not realistic to expect that the general public is going to be willing to plan their lives around the capabilities of a BEV the way that EV enthusiasts do. gasoline is not going to disappear in the foreseeable future; so the key is in making intelligent use of EV technology to replace most gasoline usage. this is the genius of the Chevrolet Volt; you can use it for local driving, for metropolitan area driving and for long distance driving. this time of the year i use little to no gasoline; so i don’t end up paying a large sum of money for battery capacity that i rarely use. but i have a gasoline generator so i don’t have to worry about the state of charge. the Volt allows you to gain the benefits of EV driving while allowing you to seamlessly transition from an ICE vehicle. you can’t say that about the BMW i3 REx, because if you attempted to take a long distance trip, you would have to stop… Read more »

Um, maybe that has something to do with how the vehicle is being marketed – with publicity stunts like this, press releases, exclusive deals with events like the Formula E races (you’ll notice that all of the pace and safety cars are BMWs), movie product placements, and so on.

Tesla by contrast, relies mostly on being first to market and creating a compelling product, even one that many people consider to be the very best.

Must have used all the battery up. At the 2:50 mark you could hear the engine.

This reminded me of a B-version of a Top Gear race.

BMW is doing so much Marketing for selling so less electric cars

Well, I’m glad they put some money behind this. EVs need all the marketing they can get. And if successful, premium brands like BMW have the potential to change the public perception that EVs have to be slow, boring golf carts (no pun intended). Like it or not, but models like the iMIEV will never create excitement about EVs among the general car-buying population …

Hmm. Interesting. I see BDS sufferers here. I thought that only afflicted haters of their gas cars.