BMW i8 Versus BMW M4 – On-Track Battle Video


BMW i8 versus M4 - track battle

BMW i8 versus M4 – track battle

BMW i8 versus M4 - track battle

BMW i8 versus M4 – track battle

Autocar recently set a BMW i8 against a BMW M4 on the track to see which is faster and more fun to drive. Similar tests were done by many other media outets too, which makes us think that this is some kind of marketing campaign put on by BMW in the UK.

The M4, without a doubt, is the more powerful car with similar weight, but is way faster.  However, the pace of the i8 wasn’t too far off.

The unique i8 was very fun to drive, eclipsing a little bit of an advantage here against the M4.

“Can BMW’s new electric superstar keep pace with its performance thoroughbred sibling? Steve Sutcliffe finds out.”

As a bonus, we attached an acceleration comparison done by Auto Bild:

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LOL. He’s says that it’s fun to drive, talks about how it can’t keep up with the M4 and then mentions @ 2:05 the battery is drained so he’s not getting any power from the front axle.

He says something like “unfortunately I have run out of all the ‘electronic juice’ which means the front axle isn’t linked which means it’s behaving as a conventional mid-engine rear wheel drive car.”

He’s missing the point that the electric motor in front doesn’t just make it a 4 wheel drive car. That motor also puts out an additional 129 hp with instant torque. So then he goes on to say toward the end @ 2:58 “The i8 isn’t quite fast enough to live with an M4.”

It would be the same if you deactivated 2 cylinders in the M4 and then proclaimed “well unfortunately the M4 lost 2 cylinders, but I really think it drives smashingly but too bad it can’t live with an i8.”

How about re-filming this segment after recharging the battery so we can see a real BMW i8 vs. BMW M4 run. Jeez.

In a normal race the battery will hold only for few rounds. Any guesses here how long?

I think recharging is not as fun as driving. Therefore its better to drive on when the batt is emtpy… Most fun, still with emtpy battery.

I’d personally include first years company car tax.

M4 – 15,000 pounds
i8 – 5,000 pounds

and the government grant + 5,000 pounds

for a first year on the road price of

M4 – 75,000 pounds
i8 – 99,000 pounds

Especially since a big chunk of the people looking to buy these cars will get them as company cars so would only pay the tax with the company paying for the car.

The i8 looked to handle and seemed to be a easier drive at speed than the M4. The M4 would have more room.

Agreed with the OP, this drive by Autocar is flawed. How can you drain the battery of juice and not have the 4WD power and benefit?
Doesn’t the i8 have a “Hold battery” mode? Could they not have driven it like that? Ohh, I’m sorry, I forgot that SPORT mode doesn’t allow you to hold the battery charge.
Now there’s an update BMW should look at! SPORT mode with available battery charge hold.