BMW i8 Versus BMW M3 – 0 To 200 KMH Video


BMW i8 Versus BMW M3

BMW i8 Versus BMW M3

We’re not sure which Model Year BMW M3 is used in this video (it does appear to be the latest iteration), but we are certain which vehicle wins this 0 to 200 km/h race.

Let’s just say that the BMW i8 is outgunned here.

Here are the specs (most of which make little sense to us) reported by Option Auto for the two vehicles in this matchup:

BMW i8 – 3 cylindres 1.5 turbo + bloc électrique – 231 ch à 5 800 tr/mn + 131 ch à 4 800 tr/mn (362 ch) – 32.7 mkg à 3 700 tr/mn + 25.5 mkg – 0 à 100 km/h en 4.4 s – Vmax : 250 km/h –

BMW M3 Berline – 6 cylindres en ligne biturbo – 2 979 cm3 – 431 ch de 5 500 à 7 300 tr/mn – 56 mkg de 1 850 à 5 500 tr/mn – 0 à 100 km/h en 4.1 s – Vmax : 250 km/h – Boîte M DKG à 7 rapports –

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Micke Larsson

Is there an option yet to turn of the speakers in the i8 to have less “engine sound”?

It is almost amusing to fully appreciate the extent that OEMs obsess over “the exhaust note.” The ultimate in sonic emotional engagement with the automobile is silence.

Noise is fatiguing.

David Stone

Noise is the vibration of air molecules; this vibration requires energy.
Noise is a sign of inefficiency.

So yeah, silence is better.


Speak for yourself!

Electric Car Guest Drive

lol, I don’t presume to speak for anyone but myself, but point taken Robert. What exhaust note do you like to listen to on a 400 mile highway journey?

Mike c

That’s a new m3/m4. I can tell by looking at its instrument cluster.