BMW i8 Versus Audi RS3 & Range Rover Sport SVR – Drag Race Video


BMW i8 Drag Race

BMW i8 Drag Race

AutoMoto Reviews pits the BMW i8 against one likely competitor and one unexpected SUV.

“It is the first of our Performance Shootout 2016 drag race battles. As the first Audi RS3 has landed, we immediately took it on our annual Performance Shootout. It is lighter than the Range Rover Sport SVR, but not as light as BMW’s i8.”

“Watch the result here!”

The i8 can’t keep up with the likes of a Tesla Model S, but it’s certainly no slouch and it absolutely dominates this race.

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Dominates? No, merely wins.

Not bad considering the tiny 3 cylinder engine in the i8. The Range Rover SVR is a pretty quick and powerful SUV.

Technological Marvel? Supercar? I guess words mean little to nothing anymore.

Well they could just put in a bigger engine and more battery power with more HP…then that would make it a supercar in many peoples minds. But as simple as that would be, BMW intentionally made a conscious effort to make it as efficient as possible. So I guess you could call it a eco-friendly supercar.