BMW i8 Versus 2015 Chevy Corvette – Drag Race Video


Time To Race

Time To Race

“Is the 2015 Chevy Corvette Stingray faster than the 2015 BMW i8 Hybrid in a straight up drag race? In other words which is faster a traditional V8 or a new BMW Hybrid gasoline and electric power plant. Just watch this TFLcar drag race video to find out.”

The BMW i8 is down on power compared to the 2015 Chevy Corvette Stingray, but can the plug-in hybrid BMW make up for that deficit with instant off-the-line torque and four-wheel-drive?

The races are actually closer than you might expect.

Check out the video to see which vehicle is the winner.


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There is something more important than the level of oxygen about the ICE.
In this drag-race they omit to tell how much fuel has been consumed by both cars.

Does the low battery charge of the I8 was a factor?

The dramatic music made me chuckle. Along with the typing noises that in no way matched the qty of letters appearing on the screen. And why “ciao” at the end? Neither car was Italian.

I’m not sure we ever saw exactly where the finish line was. It seems they were already decelerating by the time the passed the camera. It does appear the Corvette was winning off the line. One good thing about the i8 is that when it is shifting gears, it doesn’t lose all power for a split second, since it still has the electric motor pushing the car a bit.

First, it’s not clear who won. The Corvette pulled ahead in the first race, the second, in the distance it looks like the BMW took the lead, and the third race as well looks like the BMW was coming on stronger in the end, unless the Corvette driver let up.

Anyway, one is the future and one is the past.
As BMW versions up the i8, it’s going to get grim for Corvette.

Although, there’s still price.

Yeh but just wait for the up coming Mid engine Vette with an electric front axle.

Move over BMW.

We’ve been ‘just waiting’ for a mid-engine corvette since the ’70’s. At this point I’ll believe it when I see it. 🙂

I was going to get straight A’s in High School to keep the ’67 Camaro 396 convertible my folks got too-the premise of what I WOULD DO and what ACTUALLY happened varied wildly! I hope Chevy does get serious into it-it will help all of the manufactures look closer and improve all their products.

Mid-engine with the front powered by electric, great idea-that’s what the i8 IS!!! While Chevy is working hard at that BMW will be working on longer range, higher output and increased range-for true consumers, not just compliance. The Efficient Dynamics philosophy is what helped engineer the lightweight and strong Plastic Reinforced Carbon Fiber among many other innovations in the i8. Its not just fast, its for the future.

Yawn. Its ok. bmw can try to copy Tesla. It’s not Tesla though.

Curious to know how a two-door mid-engine AWD sports car with an ICE is a copy of a four-door all-electric full size sedan? Please do explain…

because it’s more like copying the roadster, which is 2008 tech 🙂

Or would you prefer to compare it to the Chevy Volt.

You’ll need to explain further. On one hand we have an all-electric RWD sports coupe based heavily on a Lotus Elise. On the other, we have a mid-engine AWD sports car with an ICE built from the ground up by BMW.

BMW’s two step process to copying Tesla:

Step 1. Outsource a chassis from a British low-volume automaker.

Step 2. Stuff said chassis with laptop batteries, electric motor, inverter, et al. making vehicle incredibly quick in a straight line, but very heavy while handling corners horribly.

Turns out you’re right! The BMW i8 is a complete copy of the Roadster!

Your Volt comment cements your opinions as completely nonfactual, or simply trolling.

Uh yeah. Pointless comparison. How much is the bummer? Maybe let’s compare it to the Z06, ya know… Because that’s still way less $$ than the overpriced bmw.

Note the Blue gauge surround on the i8-displaying ‘COMFORT’ prior to the race-in Sport mode they are red/amber. Unless this was changed prior to the race the BMW was not placed in the proper mode to be racing-there is also a second S mode for the transmission that shifts later and has more power at the cost of fuel economy.

Worth noting the 3 cylinder that drives the rear wheels in the i8 also suffers losses of altitude sickness…to be fair it looks like the Vette was a manual-not the fastest shifting and the i8 appears to be shifted via the paddles-ALSO not the quickest as computers have us beat in quickest shifting.

Yeah so let’s compare to the ZO6, since in base form it still costs about 1/2 the bummer. 0-60 2.95 seconds., Qtr mile in 10’s. Buhbye bimmy.

The Z06 is $67,850?? i8=$135,700 X .5 = $67,850. I thought that was how much a Convertible was…those people should have gotten the Z06 waaay better value!! I never saw a 2.95 0-60-WOW where were these astonishing facts published?

You’ll see soon enough. But hey go ahead and “invest” in an i8. Maybe you to can find some dumb, clueless, wanker to give you 70k profit for your grossly overpriced Tesla wannabe.

Oh, as far as the cost-you are right-the i8 is more. Its a low production and revolutionary product. Not all about the speed, but the Vette has ALWAYS been a great bang for the buck-that’s why there are 10 in your neighborhood vs 10 in the state!! Look to the BMW Z8 of the early 200’s and this is a great example of owning a premium car with the potential to recover your initial investment without having to wait for 30-40 years. I’m a HUGE Vette fan raised on Chevy but work for BMW and after owning Vette’s, Chevy needs to figure out a higher level of service for their premium cars to make it on par with BMW service and no-cost maintenance.

Yeah, bimmer is still overpriced and nothing that Tesla didn’t do 4 + years ago. Nothing special, and if you are gonna titLe this “drag race” then who cares about ev or not. Like I said, could get a Z06 + an ev for cheaper than the overpriced bmw and still come out cheaper. And better.

I take that back. Tesla was doing this in 2008, so make that 6-7 years ago. 0-60 in 3.8 seconds. bmw a little late, don’t you think?

And as far as buying ANY car as an investment…lol that is truly jokeworthy.

Perhaps take a peak at Barrett Jackson, Mecum and the other auto auctions to see what cars can sell for. OR you can reference the article on THIS site where a customer MADE 73K on selling his i8 as he fulfilled his Ferrari order. Is 73 grand profit a joke??

Hey Jashop-in his quick turn the BUMMER owner can go and buy one of your 68k Z06’s and go 0-60 in 2.95-AFTER owning and driving his i8!

What a dummy!! Wonder what he’ll recover on the Z06 after selling it? Maybe he will make 50% profit and sell it for $102,000 to a huge fan of the Z06– like you?!? 🙂 Its math, mixed with a bit of science.

You work for bmw…buff said. “no cost maintenance” another laughable sentiment, as is typical resale of typical bmws. But that’s their business model, charge 2x + what a car is worth and include “maintenance free”. Lol

Lol, hey..GENIUS. The i8 is limited production because there are limited people stupid enough to buy it. Tesla is the innovator, bmw just copying.

And yes the i8 is a slowpoke compared to a car half its cost. There’s a sucker born every day. Auctioneers make money off of them lol.

No one seems to mention the Vette engine is four times the displacement of the tiny BMW three cylinder. I mean come on, the 4400lb 4.4L M5 traps at 122mph which lay waste to a Stingray. Tuned 2014 M5s can make over 700hp, with 130mph traps in the qtr mile.

Compare M5 to Z06.

Here you are, Rusin. Maybe you can understand this: