BMW i8 Tunnel Run – Video


Who can resist opening up their vehicle in a tunnel?

Who can resist opening up their vehicle in a tunnel?

BMW i8 owner, DoctaM3 takes his plug-in hybrid for a run through a tunnel.

The i8 doesn’t scream through the tunnel, making echoes that distort the camera’s microphone, but the noise the i8 makes is still impressive.

Before the run through the tunnel, you get to hear the small 3-cylinder turbocharged engine gain some RPMs, making sounds you’d never expect from a 3 cylinder.

When the i8 enters tunnel, the sounds become even more noticeable.  Remember, these are “fake” sounds mostly.

Listen for yourself in the video above.

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The sound is “augmented”, there is sound coming from the turbo 3 cylinder.

I’d enjoy it better if it was in EV mode though.

Agreed – I was expecting him to cut off the engine right as he entered the tunnel, passing through in silence.

IMO it sounds like poop. Just saying

And here’s a great video babies going through tunnels 🙂

That was way better than the i8 video. I had no idea that was a thing. Thanks for sharing kdawg!

I was disappointed he didn’t go through in EV mode. But this did bring up an interesting thought. One problem we have to deal with when constructing tunnels for cars is making sure there is plenty of ventilation to purge the toxic fumes spewed by most gas powered cars. If everyone were driving EVs that wouldn’t be a problem. I could see in the future that entrances to tunnels might have a sign saying only zero-emission driving is allowed while in the tunnel. So plug-in hybrids would have to shut off their engines.