Is The BMW i8 A “Proper” Sports Car? Heads To The Track To Find Out – Video

JUL 5 2015 BY JAY COLE 3

BMW i8 Heads To The Track (via AutoX)

BMW i8 Heads To The Track (via AutoX)

Auto X asks the question:

“Is this (the BMW i8) a proper sports car?”

Its a fair question that the all premium plug-ins like i8, Porsche Panamera S e-Hybrid and Tesla Model S P85D face these days.

And we aren’t talking about judging the sport car benchmark from an impromptu straight line drag race that breaks out somewhere against a gas supercar at a red light.

To be a proper sports car (whose full abilities can’t really be tested legally on the open road) it needs to be taken to the track.

Given the BMW i8’s custom built platform, and its incredibly light weight (1,485 kg/3,274) – especially for a plug-in, we have good feeling what the end verdict might be.

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This is the SECOND time I’ve heard a reviewer basically make the case that using the engine to recharge the battery somehow makes the car MORE green every time they mash the throttle.. I don’t get how people can be that dumb.

Maybe if they were driving gently like they would a Prius!

When it comes to buying and selling, most people understand the concept that “You can’t get something for nothing.” Robert Heinlein expressed that concept as “TANSTAAFL”, meaning “There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch.”

Yet when it comes to physics, somehow that idea doesn’t seem to carry over with the general public… or reporters.