BMW i8 to Make US Debut at 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show


BMW i8

BMW i8

On November 20, the stunning BMW i8 will make its US debut at the 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show.

The Primary BMW i8 Colors

The Primary BMW i8 Colors

The i8 is arguably the most visually appealing plug-in hybrid out there today and, were it not for its $135,700 price tag, we suspect the i8 could challenge the Tesla Model S for sales.

Priced as such, the i8 will be extremely rare.  That’s fine by us though as the i8 is mostly a showcase of technology and what can be achieved when cost and price aren’t part of the plug-in equation.

Here’s what BMW says of the i8:

“The new BMW i8 is the world’s first plug-in hybrid 2+2 super-car from BMW Group. It will join BMW i’s growing lineup of visionary vehicles which are purpose built from the ground up as electric and hybrid electric and constructed primarily from lightweight carbon fiber. Coming to the market in 2014 Q2 and priced at $135,700, the BMW i8 features an athletic design and a sleek, low slung exterior and operates with extremely low fuel consumption (94 mpg) and emissions output. It is capable of accelerating from 0 to 60 mph in 4.4 seconds on the way to an electronically governed top speed of 155 mph.”

The BMW i3 will hit the stage in LA too, but that won’t be its US debut.  The i3 debuted months ago in New York city and has been making the rounds across the US since then.

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Sweeet! BMW is taking EV’s seriously and with the i3 launch soon, they are marketing it heavily, i’ve never seen a manufacturer bet so much in a plug-in car, i wish them all the success with them!

“i’ve never seen a manufacturer bet so much in a plug-in car”

Then you haven’t been watching. Tesla bets their entire existence on them! And you think that Nissan’s gamble was less than BMWs? I guess that’s debatable considering the lineage all the way back to the mini-E, through CFRP development. But Nissan has priced the Leaf to be affordable, taking less of a profit margin on each one, hoping to sell tens of thousands each year.

I’m talking about marketing resources, i don’t know how much Tesla spends in Marketing on the US, but here in Europe the best Marketing tool Tesla has is word-of-mouth and media coverage.

As for BMW, they are investing their own money to promote the i3, something i haven’t seen others do so heavily.

Brian +1

Tesla spends zero in advertising in the US.

I can’t get very excited about a car without a market.

if you cant get excited about this car then something is wrong with you

i saw a protonic blue i8 dart around my town a week ago, my heart dropped and i was speechless, good god that thing is gorgeous nothing on the road like it, a true neck breaker

like most BMW vehicles, photos don’t really capture the cars ‘looks’ very positively. Specifically, when the 1-series was introduced, I saw 50 pictures of every angle, many photographers, and couldn’t get past the conclusion that it was just plain goofy looking. In person, the 1///M is top of the list of my lust cars.
The i8 in person is an experience I look forward to (midwest is last in line for everything, lol).

BMW i8 on NYC street Production, This car is amazing up close..

BMW – i8 BTS Production from Mone8 on Vimeo.