BMW i8 With Titanium Exhaust (w/video)

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The BMW i8’s small displacement, three-cylinder turbocharged engine certainly makes enough power when combined with the electric motors to propel the i8 down the road. However, many turbocharged cars suffer from a lack of exhaust noise, and the i8 is no exception. It’s widely known that a large amount of the exhaust “noise” you hear in the interior cabin isn’t produced by the engine and exhaust, but rather is piped-in through the speakers.

In order to gain some more actual exhaust noise while driving the car, Turner Motorsport have installed the Arqray Titanium Exhaust onto their Project i8.

turner project i8 arqray titanium exhaust 03 w1000 750x500 BMW i8 gets a new titanium exhaust

BMW i8 With Titanium Exhaust

Installation requires removal of the various protective undertrays and heat shields that cover the area around the bottom of the engine and the exhaust. Once these are removed the stock exhaust is removed from the three factory hangers that hold the unit in place. The factory hanger that sits directly behind the middle of the rear bumper can remain in place, while the other two on the sides of the exhaust need to be removed and installed on the Arqray exhaust.

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turner project i8 arqray titanium exhaust 04 w1000 750x500 BMW i8 gets a new titanium exhaust

BMW i8 With Titanium Exhaust

Once the factory hangers are on the Arqray exhaust, you will need to attach some additional short sections of exhaust that allow it to connect with the section of the stock exhaust directly behind the catalytic converter. After the entire exhaust is ready to be installed it is relatively easy to put the Arqray exhaust into place.


BMW i8 With Titanium Exhaust

The Arqray Titanium Exhaust provides plenty of added noise and driving enjoyment over the stock exhaust. It makes lots of satisfying pops and burbles after letting off the accelerator during full throttle accelerations. In addition to the added driving enjoyment thanks to the added sound, the Arqray Titanium Exhaust is 50% lighter than the stock exhaust, with the Arqray exhaust weighing in at 18.0 lbs and the stock unit at 36.0 lbs.

Here is a video of the i8 with the new exhaust:

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Exhaus more expensive then the 3 cylinder, ha ha.

Exactly. Maybe rich people have too much money.
What a waste of Titanium.

S***! Sounds like a Cheap Rice Burner.

BMW owners are just too classy for this option. Not gonna sell.

Hey! I used to drive a rice rocket! But I agree on the sentiment that it sounds like a cheap after-market exhaust. Why anyone would want to replace their teutonic tones with a raspy rattle is beyond me.

I think BMW’s approach to simulated engine noise is the right one. Let the driver personally enjoy it, but leave the rest of the public free to enjoy the rustle of the leaves and the whoosh of the wind.

Very Poetic. +100

I can’t believe IEVs devoted page space to an article about an ICE Exhaust System… 😛


I know, right?! But lets be honest here, that did sound so nice!

All Plug-in fans and owners alike would be car fanatics at heart from the very beginning.

Honestly? No.

I don’t want to hear the sounds of exploding petroleum, or breath the fumes from it. ICE vehicles are as bad as chain smokers who have no clue that what they’re doing– sucks.

Just because this BMW has a little battery in it, does not make covering an EXHAUST SYSTEM appropriate for a site supposedly devoted to EVs.

Ok! Ok. It’s just nice to deviate slightly just once every month or two, or five. Hell, write ups on the Mira are getting very common, and the debate between EVs and FCEVs are never quiet. I personally despise them as hype that causes the vast public only to know of their benefits and not the disadvantages, while quite the opposite on how the vast public sums up for electric cars.

Regardless, I do like reading those articles too, even if they’re not strictly EVs and crop up once or twice a week.

Totally agree with you. I won’t be watching the video.

I’ve never felt any kind of enjoyment with noise and if I did that in my innocent age, it was at the expense of (many) other’s enjoyment.
Noise is polution, plain and simple.

Why does this (the vid) remind me of the Renault Clio V6?

Absolutely relevant. You would not believe the amount of people that wont by a more eco friendly car because of lack of an exciting exhaust growl. So this is a step in the right direction for that huge group of people. One of the most remarked about things a car magazine tester notes is about exhaust sound quality.

I disagree. Making more antiquated ICE noises is not a step in the right direction for me. Part of the attraction of EV for me is the quietness and elegance of the electric drivetrain.
Loud ICE noises associates smelly and dirty exhaust to me.

These people prioritize the wrong things. (IMO)

BMW Owners Are So Classy! 0H YEA! They Love That GOOFY LOOKING Car With The “FAKE” Muscle Car Exhaust “SOUND” That comes through the Stereo Speakers. .WOW!! Are They Ever Knowledgeable Buyers. JUST Slap BMW on it & they’ll Buy it ! L M A 0..How Idiotic, Corny & Cheap Is That FAKE EXHAUST Sound! You couldn’t Pay Me Enough! …To Drive THIS Comical Looking P.O.S….h^T

Its actually quite comical how you continue to knock one of the most technological advanced automotive companies out there. As I said, the award winning automobiles and engines they make are legendary. Just they way the they came out of nowhere with their first street superbike and came up with one of the fastest, most powerful bikes out there. Dont underestimate their capability.

Exhaust? How quaint.

Yay, now it sounds like Grandpa’s Model T.