BMW i8 Takes to the Stage in Geneva


BMW i8 in Geneva

BMW i8 in Geneva

Though the BMW i8 is now getting old in regards to auto show appearances, there’s still nothing out there quite like it.

BMW i8 in Geneva

BMW i8 in Geneva

With that in mind, we once again present the i8.

This time around, the BMW i8 is wowing the press at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show and even though we’ve now seen it live a half dozen times, it still turns head.

Props to BMW for getting the design right on this plug-in hybrid.

The BMW i8 will launch this summer in the US with a price tag north of $130,000.

Meanwhile, the BMW i3 should get its first US deliveries at the very end of March or in early April.

BMW i8 in Geneva

BMW i8 in Geneva

BMW i8 in Geneva

BMW i8 in Geneva

BMW i8 in Geneva

BMW i8 in Geneva



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Looking at this car never gets old.

well of course they would get the design right

its a 130k car it cant be ugly

I just noticed something that is going to bother me. The seat is very low to the ground, meaning it will be hard to get out. Tesla Roadster ring a bell to anyone?

“Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!” 😉

This is not intended by any means to be a practical car. If you want one the i3 may do the trick. Of course there are people who complain that the i3 is too tall. Poor BMW, they can’t seem to be able to get it right 😉

The car is nice….

Too bad that it cost 4x my max budget….

That is going to horrid for ingress/egress! And I thought the C4 Corvette was terrible. This has it beat by a long shot!

Halo cars generally get a lot of mileage at all the major auto shows.
What makes me weary is constantly looking ( or being forced to ) at things
I cannot have.

Halo cars are kind of like the eye-candy models that car companies hire to
showcase their hardware at auto shows. You look – you may stare, but you
know you’re not going to go home with the sexy model, and you know she is
high-maintenance and probably way over your head as well. Should you dream
you’re James Bond or The World’s Most Interesting Man in the beer commercials?
Probably not healthy if you obsess. So after awhile, looking at cars that you
can never have, and that even very rich people may never have due to the
extremely low production number – and you say…WHY…OH WHYYYY do they
keep doing this nonsense?

I think the younger, and more unrealistic and full of testosterone you are – the
more effect this kind of thing has on you. Maybe you see this thing and go out and
by a 3 Series when you get that dream job. But you know you’re not going to own
this thing. And to that end, I just hate halo cars.

Was VW’s XL-1 in the next booth over?

Same thing.

Hell, I’ll settle for BMW getting it right and delivering the car as a finished piece – anyone who has ever read (years earlier) reviews of the cars of this ilk (halo, new to me) knows that they are a misery to drive and own TOO. Tom Seleck never got round to bitchin’ about the nearly unusable gated shifter or the T-Tops that occasionally, (no wind whatsoever) could keep rain from flooding the interior.

Jeremy’s test-own of the Lamborghini Countach has to be the pinnacle of desire-crush, lol

Wesley of Trusted Car Buyers

The i8 looks like something from the Batman movies. What I would give to drive one! Would feel like a bloody superhero 😉