BMW i8 Spied Sporting Slight Tweaks

NOV 18 2017 BY C SMITH 10

It could also be a mild facelift to the existing i8 coupe.

There’s plenty of attention focused on the BMW i8 right now, though it’s directed towards the i8 Roadster which is slated to debut in a couple weeks at the Los Angeles Auto Show. But then this car shows up, caught by spy photographers in Germany and snapped with extraordinary clarity. A quick glance doesn’t reveal much out-of-the-ordinary compared to a typical i8, but a closer look reveals some interesting changes.

For starters, the lower portion of the front fascia looks different. On either side of the bumper is a clearly pronounced spoiler lip, which is something we haven’t seen on other models or the spy photos of the new roadster. The hood also appears to be hiding some changes, with the hole covered in the same manner we’ve seen on the roadster. Additional aero treatments exist on the backside, with the smallest of spoilers sticking up between the taillights.

BMW i8

If it is just a facelift, it’s extremely minor. But there’s every reason to believe this could be the long-rumored S model, as such subtle exterior treatments to performance variants are often part of BMW’s modus operandi. What would that mean for performance? The next i8 is already expected to get a hybrid powertrain boost to upwards of 400 hp, so an S model could encroach on 450 hp or possibly more.

At the same time, the range of the i8 is expected to get a significant bump, up to almost 30 miles of real world range if the rumor of a new 14 kWh battery is proven accurate.

BMW i8

We know BMW is bringing the new Roadster to Los Angeles, but whether it will be joined by an updated coupe or i8 S variant is still completely up in the air. The automaker has been making something of a big deal about the show, and now that we’ve caught this car wearing some extra aero – albeit small –  there could indeed be a few surprises in the works at BMW.

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Cool, another article about a not really electric car..


It plugs in, but probably doesn’t feature 7,000 pounds of torque, at 0mph.

….for what that’s worth

Or 2000lbs of batteries. But it is also a 4 seater.


The new Roadster haas four seats as well.


And neither car is a true roadster, so I wish they weren’t called that.


In my humble opinion, I believe we’ve progressed past ‘anything with a plug’ getting the attention that the i8 receives. Plugs aren’t a novelty anymore, it irritates me to see the length ICE manufacturers go to in order to feel like they’re “in the club.”

At this point, any manufacturer who continues producing cars with 15 miles of electric range simply do so out of choice, because the viable alternative to go fully electric actually exists now.

Especially for vehicles listing at $150k!


Show BMW you mean it and not buy an i8. That aught to send the message!

I believe the new i8 will have better EV range?


Let’s not lose sight of what is the ultimate aim of electrification which is to reduce emissions while driving in a smoother, more comfortable car. The new i8 with 30 miles of electric range can be that car for many (wealthy) people with relatively short commutes. It may be sufficient for 90+% of the travel to be electric without causing range anxiety.

Sometimes purists inadvertently slow down progress, and disdain for PHEVs might be one such case.


There’s a difference between purists and reasonable expectation. I own a 2012 Volt, the idea of which is a bridge car to get us to the 250 – 300 mile all electric range car. Which is now.

Folks paying $150k can afford a 315 mile range Tesla with no range anxiety. I don’t think disliking foot-draggers like BMW that can’t commit to a legit electric car at this point is impeding electric progress. I think PHEV’s have their place, but come on- the latest iteration of i8 is damn near exactly the same as the first that rolled out 4-5 years ago.