BMW i8 Sold Out In UK – Waiting List Now At 10 Months

AUG 14 2014 BY STAFF 6

BMW i8

BMW i8

BMW has sold out of its i8 hybrid sportscar just two weeks after deliveries started in the UK. The first year production has quickly found customers and future buyers now have to wait 10 months for the next batch.

BMW Park Lane dealership in London leads the pack with 170 orders.

Rumor is that U.S. allocations are sold out as well, but BMW has yet to confirm that.

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In Germany, the BMW i8 starts at €126,000, while in the UK it will cost £ 99,125. The U.S. market will also get the BMW i8 in 2014 at a base price of $135,700.

BMW i8 uses a plug-in hybrid system consisting of a turbocharged three-cylinder BMW TwinPower Turbo petrol engineBMW i8 Sold Out In The UK, 10 months waiting list and BMW eDrive technology in the form of an electric drive system. The 1.5-liter combustion engine develops 170 kW/231 hp and drives the rear wheels of the BMW i8, while the 96 kW/131 hp electric drive sends its power to the front wheels and allows an all-electric range of up to 35 kilometers (22 miles) and a top speed of 120 km/h (75 mph).

In celebration of the US arrival of the BMW i8, the world’s most innovative sports car, a one-of-a-kind 2014 BMW i8 Concours d’Elegance Edition will be auctioned during the weekend of the 2014 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance (August 16 to be exact), ahead of the official fall sale date.

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If Tesla’s backlog is 3 months, and BMW’s backlog is 10 months, does this mean BMW could IPO its i business unit for a market capitalization of $100 billion?

No it means BMW isn’t as efficient at building EV cars as Tesla. 😉

Shucks!.. 🙂

Anyone trying to compare this exotic toy with a Model S just doesn’t get it.

Also, the reason they are sold out so far is because they only made like 500 of these cars worldwide.

It is probably more comparably to the Tesla roadster, which also sold very well or the Porsche Panamera, which is also selling well.

I don’t think that BMW can put this combination of electric and a 3 cylinder ICE in their main products like the 5 and the 3 series. They will not have enough batteries to start with; even though the electric range is very limited.