Watch BMW i8 Smash Into A Light Pole


 All we can really say here is whoops and this BMW i8 owner is in for a huge repair bill.

We can also say that due to there being few BMW i8 vehicles on the road, and most people likely using them in a limited fashion, there aren’t a ton of i8 crashes out there, at least that we know of. With that being said, we can’t even imagine the repair bill from BMW. But hey, those that can afford this ridiculous car can likely afford to have it fixed, right? Maybe or maybe not. Yea, we honestly have no idea of the damage and the cost thereof.

This lady must have mixed up the accelerator and the brake (although we don’t know that for sure). Anyhow, as shown on CCTV, she backs into a light pole at a pretty aggresive clip. Whoops! Of course, she’s clearly upset by the situation, but she’s probably not so aware that this is going to put a huge dent in her wallet.

The i8’s carbon-fiber cockpit and build structure make it an outlier when it comes to vehicle construction. This being said, the repairs will be exorbitant. On top of that, this BMW i8 Coupe already set her back a minimum of $147,500.

Video Description via Multimedia Live on YouTube:

That is not going to be cheap! – Woman wrecks BMW i8

Video footage of a woman crashing a BMW i8 into a pole when she tried to reverse out of a driveway is making the rounds on social media. The clearly distraught woman exits the car and stares at the damage in disbelief as onlookers try to comfort her. The timestamp on the CCTV footage shows that the incident took place on November 5 2018.

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It happens.
A neighbor backed up his gas Lexus a little too hard (?) and wiped out 2 mail boxes plus his neighbor’s water fountain. It can happen to any car especially in reverse due to high torque (low gear)

“It happens”, unless there had been a kid playing near that water fountain.

Too bad it didn’t have an enhanced driving package like Telsa’s Autopilot so she could blame it on that.

My Model 3 doesn’t have EAP but it will stop the car from bumping into a wall or another car under light “throttle”. It already saved me a few scratches. I didn’t try it under hard acceleration though :>

You should not try it hard.
Even the Volvos think, you have a good reason and are stepping on it hard to avoid some serious danger.

Nice subtle Tesla promotion.

Wrecked a Perfectly Nice Planter & A Good Light Pole… ……Too Bad .. 🙁

These destructive gas cars need to be stopped!1

Yea ! These Destructive Gasoholics Should Be Taken Off the Road ! …. fcol…… 🙂 ….lol


Not sure what you mean. Pollution is different than careless driving.

too bad that BMW does not have summon app., but I thought James Bond had that feature built in 10 yrs ago already,BMW are you really that far behind in implementing the technology? How about beaming it OTA to all current models today?

I have zero sympathy for people who can’t drive worth a damn.

It’s autopilot’s fau… No, wait…

Not My Fault , My Foot Slipped ….. 🙁

More money than brains

No need to be mean now….sometimes you just forget what each pedal do. You wanna hit the brake and hit the accelerator instead and see the car speeding….you press harder thinking the brake is not working….lol.

Was she drunk? Texting? If you notice that your car is moving too quickly, you’re supposed to use the brakes.

If no drugs, or alcohol is involved – she will love her insurance for sure.

It happens, when you are inexperienced and step on the gas pedal hard in reverse. Then the inertia of your body will push you forward and that will make you push the gas pedal even more. This is why its good, that every car is speed limited in reverse. Like in every car i8 has bumpers, that are easy to repair and replace and are not made out of CFRP. The damage should not be too bad.

InsideEVs should review its journalistic approach. While i like, that information is available fast, i really do not like, what they make out of most of the stories. This story had so many possibilities, but instead small amounts of content are filled with a lot of “I think the i8 is expensive”. The author repeats this 8 times using different wording each times, this is basically the whole article.

That pole was ugly….my car would have done the same.

If you notice after the first impact with the building and the car stops… and starts going again. She had it pressed such after getting off it when she hit, she pushed down again. Likely she got confused and then unfortunately panicked until the car was forced to stop.

Good Eyes !

You are absolutely correct.

Idiot could have killed somebody.
Should give back her driver license.

Big mama came to the rescue

Another Euro point of view

Strange article, emphasizing that an exotic sports car is expensive and also expensive to fix. Thanks, I suspected it was the case.

Oh well, a minor complication of the xxx for $ program.