BMW i8 Roadster Confirmed For 2018 Launch

OCT 16 2016 BY MARK KANE 9

BMW i8 Concept Spyder

BMW i8 Concept Spyder

Earlier reports about an upgraded BMW i8 and roadster version – the BMW i8 Spyder (concept from 2012) are now confirmed.

The German manufacturer intends to introduce a new i8 within two years – by 2018 (expect fourth quarter of 2017) together with the roadster:

“BMW CEO Harald Krueger said at a press conference in Santa Monica, California on Tuesday that the i8 roadster would be added to the automaker’s lineup in 2018.”

The new i8 is expected to be equipped with more energy dense batteries (like the 2017 i3) as well as more powerful electric motor.

We now look forward to finally driving the BMW i8 we always wanted!

source: Automotive News

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Hey, maybe instead of focusing on the i8’s paint colors and options BMW should put more attention toward actually making the i8 less of an ICE. What is it’s EV range, like 14 miles? In good conditions?

I keep beating this drum, but why does the i8 get so much love at this site, relative to all the other EV’s? Especially considering it’s got the least range of all EV’s. And I get the fact that some EV folks think something is better than nothing- but when does that end, considering we have 300+ mile range EV’s now?

Maybe because with only a Honda Civic sized 1.5L, 3 cyl engine, this car is remarkably quick and torquey only because of its electrified design.

Besides, it shouldn’t get any less love than the original plug-in Prius when had less AER than the i8.

That’s all good, but instead of showcasing how much performance they can squeeze out of a small ICE, why not just go pure electric and compete with P100D’s? The technology now exists, so why not?

John, I concur absolutely!

BMW obviously have the ability to do whatever they choose. They ploughed a heap of money into carbon fibre technology and could have used that as a kick-off to a world-leading range of EVs.

Instead they built a toy car in the i3 and an under-performing hybrid. In both cases they made sure the only way to get decent range was to fall back on an ICE power plant.

Well done BMW!

Given that the alternative was for BMW to just continue making ICEs, I’ll take what we can get.

It would be better to make a pure electric i8 roadster in 2018 instead of a hybrid one!

Simply not possible to make a pure EV overnight (and 2018 is overnight in this context). Are you familiar with car development times?

I’m pretty sure BMW will add more EVs for the next BMWi development cycle (BMW i NEXT around 2020-2022).

Is this going to be a 2 Seater. There is not much market for such vehicles.

Please concentrate on selling something that people buy in bigger #.