BMW i8 Review From Owner’s Perspective – Video


BMW i8 Owner Scott Hughes

BMW i8 Owner Scott Hughes

“Scott Hughes is the first owner of the amazing BMW i8 in South Carolina. He gave us full access to the car and sat down for an interview of his thoughts on it.”

States the video description.

This unique review is from the i8 owner’s perspective and since the i8 is expensive and rare, we won’t see a whole lot of reviews of this type simply due to the limited amount of i8 owners out there.

In this video, Scott shares his experience of owning the plug-in hybrid i8 and details how he got started in the BMW world.

Hughes is a hardcore BMW fan (see his impressive collection?), so obviously there’s some bias here.

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He should try a Tesla.

My dream car. Wish I could afford one.

The BMW i8 is another toy for the rich.

A toy for the rich, that benefits the “public good”.
The first 20 miles can be pure electric.
– Lowers demand for gas, lowers your gas prices.
– Cleaner air.
– Less foreign oil.
With enough EV’s and hybrids, we can walk away from the Middle East.

I agree with your objectives, but the i8 won’t directly achieve any of those goals. There will never be enough of them produced to create any blips in the economics of oil.

It will, hopefully, serve as a halo vehicle for cars with plugs, inspiring others to try out a i3, LEAF, Volt, Tesla,

Directness is overrated. A lot of important battles have been lost with ill-advised frontal assaults that could easily have been won with a little strategic sneakiness.

Sun Tzu put it this way:
“To fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.”

Here’s my take:

Amen Brother.

Very informative.
I too am sick and tired of sending our Sons and Daughters to Fight for Oil. Sick to Death.

If you’re a fan of the Marque at All, check the images After the obvious ad that seems to be the lead-out..
Now That is a BMW collection!!! (the 3.0 brought back warm fuzzies..)