BMW i8 Rendered With ISS Forged Wheels

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BMW i8 With ISS Forged Wheels

BMW i8 With ISS Forged Wheels

Umm...No Thanks

Umm…No Thanks

Aftermarket tuners love to tinker with high performance automobiles.

The BMW i8 is a perfect example of a vehicle that draws the attention of tuners.

Take, for example, these two renderings of an IFF Forged equipped BMW i8.

The canary yellow paint is okay for those who wish to stand out and even the matter black forged wheels look fine on the i8, but what’s up with them blue rims?

Certainly that’s not an aftermarket package we’d desire.

According to BMW BLOG:

ML24, which just released a whole line of wheels, in partnership with ISS Forged, are showing us a yellow-painted BMW i8 with some of their equally flashy wheels.

The main wheels are the F1-15M monoblock model, finished in matte black, with custom center locks, color coded yellow. Two other different shades of blue are showcased as well.

Let’s skip the blue rims.  Black is fine by us.

Source: PS-Garage via BMW BLOG

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3 responses to "BMW i8 Rendered With ISS Forged Wheels"

  1. Brandon says:

    Stock rims always look the best. Aftermarket rims always look the worst.

  2. Foo says:

    Where’s the muffler (in matching blue) that makes that buzzing noise?

    1. Big Solar says:

      Gotta love that buzzy noise!