BMW i8 Rendered In GT3 Form


The GT3 racing series features some of the sweetest, widebody cars on the planet (more details on the GT3 European Championship racing series here).

The series was, at times, dominated by German automakers, so it’s fitting that Jon Sibal rendered the ultimate BMW in GT3 form.

Seen here is Sibal’s version of what the i8 would look like were it to compete in the GT3 series.  It’s menacing, that’s for sure.

There are no plans to enter the i8 into the GT3 racing series or any other similar series for that matter, but we sure would like to see it out on the track in some officially sanctioned racing series someday.

Check out more on Jon Sibal’s work here.

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BMW has the engine technology and know-how to bring out a super car level i8 variant. Car and Driver just tested the M3 sedan at 12.0 @ 119mph qtr mile. Thats quicker than a Sting Ray Vette. Not bad for a 3 liter pumping out less HP, and weighing more than the Vette. German HP are way more robust than the American Cars.