BMW i8 Rendered In Crossover Form


Rendered as a crossover, the BMW i8 actually looks decent.

Who’d of thought the low-slung i8 would make for a passable crossover? Certainly not us.

There’s no chance the i8 will ever be produced in this form, but nonetheless it’s still interesting to see the sporty car transformed into a large people-hauler.

What we may see though is that long-rumored i5 with design cues from the i8. Actually, we think BMW should take note of this render and apply parts of it to its next i model.

Heck maybe just contact Jennings Motor Group (the group responsible for this render) and purchase the design rights and apply it full on to the next i.


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9 Comments on "BMW i8 Rendered In Crossover Form"

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The i3 is a pleasure to drive.
So, our family would welcome an i5, with AWD.

The same , Only Different . They just won’t/can’t Stop…lol…

You should stop.

Ugly and wasting yours and my time with these fake cars rendering

The upside: you could fit a lot more clowns into that than the i3

If it’s got the Technical Sophistication of the i3, the most advanced car on the planet, aside from Tesla, then it should do very well.

Too bad the BMW board scuttled the i5, they were really close to Tesla, up until that point.

Good Lord, can we please be done with the i8?? It’s not even really an electric!

please stop

Kill it with fire!