BMW i8 Recalled For Issue With Stability Control System


It’s only 16 cars, but owners of those few select affected vehicles will soon be receiving recall notices.

BMW has issued a recall for 16 2015 i8s produced between May 29, 2015, and June 5, 2015.

The reason for the recall is that improperly drilled holes in the dynamic stability control hydraulic unit could restrict the movement of the systems pistons. This could affect operation of the car’s dynamic stability control system.

Beginning on February 10, BMW will inspect and replace (free of charge, if necessary) the hydraulic units on affected cars.

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Wow, 16 affected cars!! Who cares, if it was actually really serious, it would be more than a simple inspection and part replacement. Lets get back to reporting interesting EV news. Recalls are something just about every car faces and it actually shows that the companies are proactively dealing with issues as they discover them. If anything, we should be applauding BMW for identifying an issue with 16 cars and not trying to hide it and see who might possibly complain about an issue with the traction control system. These cars are likely low mileage drivers, so odds are in BMW’s favor of not even have complaints from the owners.

Problems happen with production of every vehicle. It’s only the severity of the problem and how the people involved choose to handle it that varies.
Fortunately, this problem seems relatively rare and BMW appears to be taking steps to remedy it; something that is NOT always the case with other OEMs.