BMW i8 Prototype Spotted Sporting Performance Upgrades


BMW i8 Prototype

BMW i8 Prototype (via BimmerToday)

BMW i8 Prototype

BMW i8 Prototype (via BimmerToday)

There’s been some recent chatter suggesting that a high-performance BMW i8 S is in the works and now Bimmertoday is suggesting that these images provide us with visual confirmation that an i8 S is in development.

According to BimmerToday, this prototype belongs to BMW ans was spotted near the automaker’s facility in Munich, Germany.

What exactly are we looking at in terms of upgrades? BMWBLOG points out the changes rather well:

“For dramatically improved lap times, the chassis and drivetrain of the BMW i8 have been thoroughly revised, with some of those changes being clearly visible: A large front splitter and a rear diffuser which both provide additional downforce, and a revised rear window made of carbon fiber and designed with air vents.”

BMW i8 Prototype

BMW i8 Prototype

“Other changes done to the basic i8 include the AP Racing brakes (six piston calipers up front with four pistons at the rear), 20” ATS Racing wheels, increased ventilation and lots of tire width (245/35 front, 285/30 rear). The new Bilstein suspension now only improves handling, but also lowers the i8 by 15 mm.”

The car seen here presumably has the wireless charging system adopted from the BMW i8 Formula E safety car too.

BMWBLOG concludes:

“It remains to be seen whether BMW is ready to deliver a high-performance i8 for the road, or this prototype is simply a test bed for the new i8 Safety Car…”

Additional high-resolution images at BimmerToday here.

Source: Todor Todorov for Bimmertoday via BMWBLOG

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And it could get the 94aH battery, like the i3..?

It’s so exotic looking. Why does everything else with scissor doors cost close to half a million dollars and doesn’t come with carbon fiber construction?

I hope they make it better at absorbing regen, like heavy braking regen. Perhaps soon, we’ll see cars like the i8 ranked on their ability to store and use kwh per lap.

BMW already said I-series cars will become all-electric, no PHEV. This latest i8 could be the last PHEV. That’s bitter sweet, because with that range will come lower (sustained) horse power and a lot more weight than the current car.