BMW i8 In Protonic Blue Is Stunning

JAN 26 2015 BY STAFF 5

Perhaps the most stunning image we’ve ever seen of the BMW i8.

This particular i8 is wearing Protonic Blue, our personal color of choice on the plug-in hybrid BMW.

There’s no news here.  We just couldn’t resist sharing what we think is the best image yet of the i8.

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still an overpriced (1500 cmc 3 cylinder engine) GAS car. Really 15 miles (EPA) of electric range barely puts in the category of PHEV. I see that there are a lot of articles about this, I don’t know if it is ad-money or simply the badge, but really it is not even an EV.
maybe an performance_enhanced_because_the_inherent_advantages_of_electric_motors car. So a PEBTIAEM.
Because its electric range is less than a joke.


The blue looks so good because the rest of the photo is black and white


Good eye! So you’re saying that the photo is fake 🙂


Except there are green reflections on the rear bumper.