BMW i8 From Production To Delivery – Video


BMW i8

BMW i8

Now that deliveries of the BMW i8 are taking place in several countries around the globe (including in the U.S.), BMW is proud to present a quick video on the i8 from start of producit0on to delivery of the finished plug-in hybrid.

“The BMW i8 from production to delivery.”

It’s clear to us that BMW is focusing rather intensely on the U.S. market with the i8.  Proof of this is found in our latest BMW i production update post.

BMW is currently producing ~ 100 i8s for U.S. consumption per month now, a figure that’s much higher than we anticipated given the vehicles $135,700 price tag.

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I’ve never been into BMW’s. This is the nicest one though. If they would make it beat the P1; they’d have something. As it is though; it’s a sports car version of the Prius.

Do they want to compete with the P1 or the Prius?

How about a full electric version to compete with the Model S?

Take that 1900’s gas burner out of there. Plenty of space for some more batteries. Or for the P1 beater; have no back seat and electric motors front and back(or each wheel if need be).

Maybe they don’t know about the latest and greatest batteries? Check the evtv website and it’s the shiny blue ones. Smaller and lighter. Nicest batteries currently made?

BMW seems to have exceeded Tesla in getting free press. However, BMW’s free press largely seems to be from ham-handed videos sent out. That’s not very impressive stuff and starts seeming desperate.

I own the i3 REx, with over 3,500 miles on it. It never fails that and every time I bring the vehicle out there is somebody either looking out, making a comment or asking me about it… I’ve always had positive feedback. The i8 I imagine will draw even more attention !

It’s a sexy car – like something Batman would drive. Not sure how comfortable it would be to get in an out of (being 6’4″). I’m still not sure why they even bothered to have a battery. The BMW web site says it has 25 miles of range in EV mode… why bother? Heck, a Chevy Volt gets 40 miles of range before it switches over. I guess they are putting their toe in the pool… of course at a base price from 136K to 147K those buyers are probably not really all that interested in an EV – otherwise they’d buy a Telsa Model S Performance edition