BMW i8 Priced At $200,000 More Than Tesla Model S In Australia


BMW i8

BMW i8

BMW thinks its i8 plug-in hybrid is somehow worth a $200,000 premium over the Tesla Model S in Australia.  As such, BMW confirmed that i8 pricing in Australia starts at $299,000.

A fully optioned Tesla Model S is under $200,000, while a base 60 kWh Model S starts as low as $91,400.

Of course, nearly all automobiles are overpriced in Australia, but the BMW i8 appears to be an extreme example of this pricing discrepancy.

In actuality, the BMW i8 undercuts some of its competitors in price.  For example, Gizmodo states “right now you can pick up an Aston Martin Rapide S for $371,000; a Lamborghini Huracan for $428,000, or a McLaren 650S for $441,500” in Australia.

So, maybe the i8 is reasonably priced, but not when compared to the Model S.

Tesla’s motto is to offer fair pricing on its vehicles regardless of country.  That’s what it did in China, where the Model S starts at $121,000 (tens of thousands less than most of the competitive vehicles) and in Australia where it’s clear as day that the Model S is a bargain when compared to the crazy expensive BMW i8.

The BMW i8 will arrive in Australia in early 2015, but given its price tag, we have to assume sales will be limited and that potential i8 buyers will certainly take a look or two at the significantly cheaper Model S before signing on the dotted line.

Tesla Model S Pricing In Australia

Tesla Model S Pricing In Australia

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I dont know how is tax system in Austalia, but in Denmark af Tesla model S with 85 KW battery starts a 610.000 DK, A BMW will be priced at about 2.600.000 DK, yes that is more than 4 time the price!

I live in Australia and I am still confused by the tax system. There is reasonably high tax on cars but Tesla and BMW would be in the same boat. They are both fuel efficient luxury cars so have to pay 33% on every dollar over $75k. There is 10% stamp duty which I believe is on the total price paid and 10% GST on the lenience and inspection fee’s. Lots of taxes that look like they should amount to a lot but in reality (as can be seen by the massive difference in price between the Tesla and the BMW) it comes down to what the manufacturer wants to charge. This is not likely to change soon as there are long distances between Australia and other markets and the laws here effectively prohibit anyone other than the manufacturers importing cars in any numbers.

As for what is considered a “fuel efficient” car by the tax office….. 7L/100km! what a joke

I don’t blame BMW, for this. as some other on this side. BMW made a great product with great technology, both the i3 and i8.
In DK they decided not to tax electric cars until end of 2015, That a good for the electric car (pure electric)
Tesla(85KW) 610.000
Opel ampere(Chevy volt) is 640.000
BMW I3 with REX is 350.000
No i did not by mistake mistype price on Opel and BMW.

Model S will have issues in Australia. No supercharegers yet. BMW i8 has no such issues; you can go as far as you like, in any direction till oceans stop you.

I don’t think these two cars are in the same league. 85 KWH model S is not superior to the $70K, 60 KWH Model S in US. It just has a bigger gas tank (so to speak).

BMW shows itself again…..

Yep, shows how much it is extorting customers. BMW isn’t a niche car seller anymore tailored to rich folks. Rather get a Tesla.

“BMW isn’t a niche car seller anymore tailored to rich folks”

Maybe not, but the i8 is absolutely a niche car tailored to rich folks. 😉

To put this into perspective: A BMW M6 coupe also costs ~$300K AUD in Australia. Seems luxury cars in general are crazy expensive down there.

“Rather get a Tesla”

Problem is that the Tesla has very limited utility in Australia for now, given that it will take years until at least some of the popular routes are covered by superchargers.

I don’t plan on POURING $100,000 into the pocket of BMW.

It’s just another BMW with an overpriced name. Just because it’s expensive – doesn’t mean it’s fulfilling a niche market. (i.e Ferrari). Plenty of expensive cars around.

Well, if I wanted to drop that kind of money on the car, I would ignore both and get a BMW Z8 instead. One of the most beautiful “niche cars” ever designed. 🙂

I can’t speak for everyone but as I see it not many Australians drive regularly between cities. Australia is about the same size as the states but only really has 6 or 7 major cities. IMO it is a long, lonely, painful drive anywhere in rural Australia. A Tesla would make no sense out there but for the majority of the 97% of Australians that live in town I suspect that a Tesla would only need to go on charge once a week.

This is a very good point. In that case, a Leaf or BMW i3 will meet the transportation needs of 97% of Australians. Charge it in 20 minutes once in a while with DC fast chargers. Charge at home regularly. No need for the long distance capabilities of Tesla Model S.

I think you are probably joking but the conclusion of the largest electric vehicle trial down here was actually that most Melbourne drivers could own a leaf without altering their driving habits but since when has logic ever come into car buying. Tesla’s are great but for a lot of people a leaf would be perfectly reasonable.

Thanks for the reply. I wasn’t joking. Teslas are fun. But they also promote it as the only EV suitable for long distance travel. Looks like that point is not really useful for Australians (mostly).

I don’t think it is purely down to the tax system. I think the way they decide the price of cars in Australia is they go out get really drunk sit in the sun for a bit and then write down the first number that comes to their head. Here are some illustrations of what I mean:

Volt – $60k
Leaf – $40k
i-MIEV – $53k
Outlander with a plug – $49k!

How can an SUV cost less than the diminutive electric vehicle it consumed to become electric?

PS some similar petrol base models:

Outlander 2WD – $29k
Lancer base model – $22k
Mirage base model – $12k

interestingly you have to pay $1.5k to have the Mirage in vomit pink (it is a colour that makes you want to vomit, not the colour of vomit….. unless you have just won a cranberry speed eating contest).

Mitsi rather handily put all their prices online at if you need a post code to get the price the Melbourne CBD is 3000.

Just buy 3 Tesla Model S for the price of 1 Bmw i8. Sort of puts a lie to all those Watch out for the i8 Telsa, as if somehow it was competition for the Model S.

Not really defending the i8 but I would think the average price of a Model S in Australia will be closer to $150K once you go for an 85 KWH battery and a number of options. This includes about $30K to $40K worth of Luxury Car Tax, Goods and Service Tax and state stamp duty.

And you will need to buy a few of the Model S, the way they keep breaking apart after a few thousand miles. We are comparing apples and figs here. Model S is not in the same league as BMW i8. it is waaay lower.

LOL glad i dont live in kangaroo land