BMW i8 Prank Involves Thousands Of Toilet Paper Tubes – Video


BMW i8 Toilet Paper Tube Crash

BMW i8 Toilet Paper Tube Crash

Pranking in a BMW i8? Sure…why not.

Let’s crash a BMW i8 through a door and into thousands of toilet paper tubes to show the impact all that wasted paper has on the environment. Sounds like a plan to us…

Video description:

“HUGE Thanks to my partners Scott Tube-Free for showing how the toilet paper tubes we use have a big impact on the environment.”

“This was a fun prank to pull on some of my close friends. Wrecking a new i8 was a little painful but definitely a blast.”

Some behind the scenes action in the video below:

The prank is a thinly veiled advertisement for sponsor Scott Brand, makers or tube-free toilet paper. See link below:

Toss The Tube

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Haha, nice. My employer also uses Kimberly-Clark as their supplier, which has tube-free toilet paper. All our restrooms use it.

In their product, the toilet paper actually has no “core” space in the middle, and the paper keeps unwinding until the very end. This probably also saves on shipping, i.e. less “empty space” per load, but it requires special toilet paper holders.

Actually, maybe that’s also Scotts, and just a “professional” version of the product?