BMW i8 Official Reveal Video is Done Right; i3 Advertising Needs Some Serious Tweaking


Though the BMW i8 and i3 are “cousins,” they couldn’t be more different.

Not Necessary, But We Get the Point BMW

Not Necessary, But We Get the Point BMW

BMW knows this and, as such, has taken an entirely different approach to marketing the i8.

Gone is the GQ-ish, form-over-function approach in use by BMW with the i3.

Instead, we see BMW focusing on the vehicle itself, its performance and on its sex appeal.  Here’s the description BMW ties with the video posted above:

“With its fascinating holistic concept, the BMW i8 brings the vision of a modern and sustainable sports car to life. The highly-emotional design immediately makes it clear what qualities the BMW i8 has to offer. Dynamic proportions show off its acceleration potential even when it’s standing still; and yet it doesn’t rely on being a pure-blooded sports car. Its aesthetics always follow a functional goal: for example, more aerodynamics for maximum efficiency and absolute performance.”

Yes, i8 buyers will come from an entirely different set of people than i3 buyers, but what BMW needs to realize is that performance sells the brand.

Wouldn't You Think It's the i8 That Be Gazed Upon by Strangers More So Than the i3?

Wouldn’t You Think It’s the i8 That Be Gazed Upon by Strangers More So Than the i3?

The i3 performs well too, but BMW marketing sees no reason to pitch it like that.

Unless BMW gets it right, i3 sales may fall below expectation in the US.

We’ve posted below the i3 launch video for comparison purposes, along with BMW’s description tied to it.

“Redefining urban mobility means thinking far beyond environmentally conscious and agile driving. The result: With its visionary design, the all-electric BMW i3 design defines the automobile of tomorrow. Its innovative eDrive transmission was designed in the scope of the BMW EfficientDynamics technology and is not only emission-free, but also offers an incomparable and nearly silent driving experience. The intelligent ConnectedDrive Services bring you conveniently to your destination.”

Do you think BMW is on the right track in marketing its i3?  What about the i8?

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7 Comments on "BMW i8 Official Reveal Video is Done Right; i3 Advertising Needs Some Serious Tweaking"

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Wow.. that i8 is an amazing looking car. I’d buy one if it were about half the price they are asking.

The i8 ad kept stopping and starting, so I thought it was over three times during the ad, and after the second time…..I wished it was. But once you know it’s stats, it seems like an extremely overpriced Volt.

The engine has less power than the $24k Focus ST, and the electric motor has less torque than the $26k Spark EV.

Seriously……..why it it not a 300+ mile full EV when it costs over $130k???

The i3 ad was the best. It actually told a story and sold the car.

Saying the i8 was “Born Electric” is just marketing BS. It has way more ICE than EV in it.
It is a looker though. I too think that, for the price, it should have been a 200 mile + EV, possibly with a REx offering like the i3. BMW had a chance to give Tesla a real run for their money, but they’re stuck in the gas burning mindset.

The low, front quarter view is by far the i3’s “best side”. The rest of it looks like the ugly girl who never got asked to the prom. The Edsel of the new millennium.The only EV that actually makes a Leaf look better by comparison.

Elon Musk must sit in his office and laugh his ass off.

i8 – Born electric…and raised gas-guzzling!
Wish they soon make it 100% electric. Amazing look.
Not impossible: in their gorgeous presentation of all their models at Frankfurt motor-show (
they kept the i3 and i8 for the gran-final! All others, including Rolls-Royce, in the background! Amazing. You can just jump at the end of the video. Must see for any EV fan.
I think they know very well the immediate future is electric.

Using the i8-style ad on the i3 would have been laughably silly. I actually think the i3 ad is great – much better than most Volt and Leaf ads.

i8 should be 80-95K price, beautiful car, nice front.

i8 is smoking hot, I want one.

The i3 looks like it has been in a front end collision. Why didn’t they just take a current three series and electrify it and call it an i3? Laughable.